Friday, September 22, 2006

N Digital power supply, cords

The Digital Controller Extension Cable (40305) gives you plenty of room to move around, rather than being restricted by the short Controller cable. I didn’t find the standard length Controller cable to be a problem, but four or more drivers need to spread out a bit, and this accessory makes that possible.

NINCO designed a new Digital Power Supply (40303) for the system (picture below). One comes with the Digital Mastertrack Set and with the Digital Extension Kit. This 3-Amp, 14V power supply is made to handle four cars, Control Tower, etc. If you’re going to run more than four cars or are using high revving motors, NINCO recommends a second power supply. There’s a 2nd input jack on the Control Console.

The Multi-Connector Jack (40306) is needed when you add an additional two lanes or a secondary pit lane. The Control Console has a single input socket. This accessory doubles the input sockets that you have. If you have multi-lane system with more than one pit lane and more than one Sensor Track, the Multi-Connector Jacks can be “daisy-chained” for as many inputs as you need. It wasn’t easy spending all that time in Barcelona working my fingers to the bone for hours... but
somebody had to do it!
Written by Ninco Bob.

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