Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oct. Spirit releases

A pair of Peugot 406's are going to be released in Oct. for Spirit.

Here's a shot of the chassis design. Looks like a fast one to me, love those angle winders!

Thanks to Spirit for sending the news!

Also I'd like to add that Spirit is looking for US distribution....anyone out there need a great new product line?



PeteN95 said...

I don't think that body will be very popular in the US, just because no one has ever seen one before. The chassis looks very good and combined with their excellent SX 03 Motor, I predict that car will be very fast. It would be nice ithere was another mag pocket under the rear axle, if you're into that sort of thing.

SJSlots said...

I also don't know about body style popularity in the US. I know of multiple shops sitting on FLY Alfa 147s that haven't moved for perhaps the same reason. Even so this is a good looking car and with Scalextric bringing out their Seat Leon perhaps these small Euro based sedans will catch on...