Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ferrari's...a piece at a time.

I noticed something that way have slipped by some slotters out there. Anyone else noticed that some upcoming Ferrari slot cars are available only as kits? And on the promotional literature there is a notation about the number of pieces that each kit comes with.
The new Ninco 360 Modena:

The new Slot.It 312 PB:

Since Mattel owns the rights to the Ferrari name I decided to call Mattel's PR department for comment on their policies...the call was not returned sorry to say.



Wet Coast Racer said...

The NINCO Modena info is interesting ... is it a coincidence that I saw a couple Revell Ferrari 360 1:32 Snap-Together kits in a store the other day, all prepainted and obviously ready for slotster application?

DaveKennedy said...

AhhHAAAA, another one I forgot to mention! Interesting isn't it all the Ferrari kits? Well to me it's interesting, but then I'm a geek...

dr vanski said...

It IS interesting! GPR legal, too!