Friday, September 22, 2006

N Digital controller.

The Digital Controller (40301) is a multi-function hand controller with a usual trigger for throttle and brake, and a separate button that programs the chip, operates lane change and pit lane switches, and is used to override the fuel system and get you out of the pits early. There are eight brightly colored strips that get inserted into the top of the controller for identification purposes.

The controller shape is different from what I was used to, but is perfectly designed for a relaxed two hand grip, where my right forefinger operated the trigger and my left thumb operated the lane change button on the rear of the controller. When you approach a lane change section, push the button and hold it if you want to change lanes. A following car will not change lanes with you unless that driver
wants to change lanes as well...

I was amazed at the speed of this. It’s incredible to watch. A car on my rear bumper could not make the change with me unless the other driver had his button pressed. No accidental lane changes here.

The trigger pressure felt really smooth with good feel. I was really surprised when I set fastest lap in my first race, but I think the Export Manager and System Designer let me do it. The Controller vibrated telling me that I just set fastest lap! Then there was more... It vibrated to warn me that I was on the last lap, (it works for last minute too), and when I was running out of gas and needed to make a pit stop in PS mode... yep, it vibrated twice. How cool is that?
Above written by Ninco Bob.

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