Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Fly's announced

A ton of photos of new Fly's have been released...and re-used here with permission of Gary at MRE. A link to the MRE of these releases.

F-Team14 Ferrari Ecurie Francochamps 365 Daytona + 250 GTO (November)

F-A1901 Audi Quattro A2 Mikkola/Hertz 1000 Lakes (December)

F-C096 Lola T70 GT Taruma 1971 (November)

F-E1901 Audi Quattro A2 Safari Ltd Ed (December)

F-TK200 SISU truck, race tuned white (November)

F-TK75 Buggyra truck Cepsa 2003 (October)

F-A1803 Ferrari 250 GTO Le Mans 1962 (October)

F-A1605 Porsche Carrera 6 Targa Florio Muller/Mairesse (December)

F-A1207 Renault 5 Turbo Elf Walter Rohrl (October)

F-A1405 Porsche 917 LH 1971 Bell/Siffert 1971 (December)

F-A1704 BMW M3 E30 Jagermeister (October)

F-07064 Porsche EVO Racing Martini, race tuned (November)

F-A0133 Corvette C5R Le Mans 2006 (November)

F-A0211 Dodge Viper GTS-R Khalifa (October)

F-07062 Porsche 911 Racing Danone, race tuned (October)

F-A0521 Porsche GT1 Camp Grand Am (November)

F-07065 Saleen S7R Racing Le Mans 2006, race tuned (December) Image from American LeMans Series site...

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At 10:03 PM, Blogger Terry Noe said...

Its about time. I've been drooling to find that 917 LH. Dig those skirts.

That 911 Racing Danone is sharp looking also.


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