Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oct. Spirit releases-prototype photos

Photos were embargoed from release until today...

The Peugot 406 Coupe British Team:
Reference number:0501101
Engine S3X- 24,000 rpm-12v.
Tech Spec's:
All spare parts are calibrated
32z hard aluminum crown
12z bronze pinion
Detailed hubcaps
polished steel axles and bronze bearings

Historical Aaron Slight (New Zealand) drove this car in the Toca Tour Series (former BTCC) in 2001.

Peugot 406 Coupe Mardi Gras:
Reference number: 0501102
Historical Data:
John George (Great Britian) participated in the BTCC 2003 with this car, as a member of the Mardi Gras Team.

Thanks to Spirit for sending the news!


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