Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Midget/dirt track racers

So I'm on vacation this week back in Pennsylvania. And annual tradition is for my wife, son and I to go to the Bloomsburg Fair, which is the largest fair on the east coast...over 100k people a day visit! This year they have an exhibit of old Midget Racers on display many used to race on the dirt track at the fair a long time ago...a few photos to show....

You too can have a piece of racing history for only $5,000.

A car called a Householder Special made in Los Angeles in the 40's I think the sign said.

We were there early in the morning around breakfast so there weren't too many folks blocking my view of the cars...no press pass for me today, just a ticket, so I had to stay behind the ropes.

And what's a trip to the Fair without an Amish photo?

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