Saturday, September 30, 2006

C6.R's virtual tour

A few photos comparing the 2 C6.R's by Carrera and SCX. Both are great models and are well made by each of the company's. Each are worth the money and I consider them high points in recent releases in quality of detail in modeling and quality in workmanship.

My photo from the ALMS race at Lime Rock in 2005 for reference.

Photo above, the SCX is on the bottom, the Carrera on top.
The SCX is on the left, the Carrera on the right.


PeteN95 said...

It looks like the SCX has a much better interior, or at least has one!

DaveKennedy said...

Ha! Yes the Carrera has had the interior removed. I started to try and make the Carrera my entry in the RAA. But then realized that by replacing the E200 with a black can Slot It that I ruined all the driveability the car had. So I think I'll go back to nearly stock with it.

Anonymous said...

which is better the SCX or Carrera?

I have 2 FLY corvettes C5R

I like the C6R so thinking of getting one


DaveKennedy said...

Better is a tough one. I've done lots of work to both of these cars and both are fun to drive. Which one do you like better?

Do you want a car with a motor pod? The SCX has one, the Carrera does not. I've gotten the SCX going pretty fast with some fairly minor mods. I've replaced a lot of the parts with the SCX Pro parts, which are excellent BTW.

I've been living with these cars for some time now, they're both favorites of mine.


Anonymous said...

The Carrera looks to have a little more detail - (I do like the look of cars as well as the running of them)

here in Australia - SCX are cheaper cars. I haven't run a newer Carrera car yet - have 3 FLY a Slot.It, a couple of SCX and 4 older Carrera cars. The SCX Ferrari runs ok need to tune it a little more.

Found these great pics of #3

so might have to go with #3