Monday, September 25, 2006

SCX Corvette C6.R

SCX has made quite a car here. The Corvette C6.R a car that you can throw around the track with every confidence that you can recover just before the guide comes out of the slot. This car is ready to race....out of the box whether it's on plastic or wood, it's ready to go.

This car is all about the details. From little C6.R printing just behind the front wheels... the drivers names above the windows and the tiny printing of the flags and LeMans logo's. The closer you look the more there is to see.

The chassis is glossy black with the standard magnet position.

Inside the chassis...

While the RX-42 isn't the fastest turning motor out there it is put to good use in this car. The motor pod is the 2 post tilting type pod.
Inside the body...
One thing I did notice while racing this car was that the lights, which are incredibly bright, shine through the body in the back end. Not surprising given the power of the lights.

One of the most distinctive features of the C6.R is detailed well on this model too, the vents in the front fenders.

As I said in the recent reviews of the Tuner Car 2 and the BMW 320 WTCC cars, these tires stick well to the track. On my wood track they're great, and on a brief visit to Spider Veloce's house I did some laps on his Scalextric track, the same result, great stick'um. I did notice something about the tires that I'd not seen on other brands. SCX seems to clear coat the sidewalls of the tires to make them shiny. The coating must also protect the printing of the Michelan on the sidewalls too...but I could be wrong.

The latest Corvette C6.R is certainly a car that's worth buying. With it's motor pod design this car has lots of potential to be raced seriously and for Vette fans it's another must have.

In a few days I'll post a side-by-side between the SCX and Carrera Corvette's to complete this review.

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