Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First come first served....

From Home Racing World's thread on the Ninco Super GT...

"As far as the format and rules for "THE QUALIFIER RACE" - NINCO World Cup Super GT, ATLANTA, 29 OCTOBER, here's how is going to be:

We are going to restrict the total number of entrants to 48. (Six lanes, eight races).

There's really no other way to get this race done, under an ENDURANCE format, in the time we have to do it: 10 hours…including practice times.

These first forty-eight people to sign up will have a guarantee slot in the race. If you intend to go, contact JD Model Raceway (678-847-0110) and reserve a slot ASAP.

Everyone who signs up after # 48, will have to be present at the race, and wait to see if anyone cancelled at the last minute; there's always a good chance that there will be some no-shows, so we are going to register 12 more people."

Um... so if you're planning to attend better get there EARLY or you might as well not go at all... It's too bad that there is a limit on the number of entrants for this groundbreaking US event.

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