Thursday, September 28, 2006

Post mortem on my Proxy Maserati

So finally the Maser I entered in the Race Across America gave up the ghost. I entered a car I knew was incompletely tested...and it performed that way.

The Scalex Maserati is a car that many have said they just can't get to work the way they'd like... Originally I thought that I'd over power this car, thinking that the large body could "aborb" the extra power of the Scale Auto "Red Can". A few laps on the East New York Raceway quickly showed me I was wrong. So a Slot It 25k seemed like a good way to go. The motor has been glued in...and I'm not sure that I remember that I did that.

I put in large diameter Slot It wheels, Ortmann tires, hollow rear axle and 30 toother red crown Slot It. One account, given by none other than Alan Smith himself was that the car hopped so badly it was nearly undriveable. I'm thinking a poor choice of gearing is to blame for this. And speaking of gearing, there is lots of wear on the pinion here...

But the dampening or should I say sticker on the bottom may help that hopping since it would retard the motor pod tilting.

Nothing much going on inside the body though...lots of Ortmann dust caked inside!

In the end it was these wires crossing, causing a short that made me pull the plug.

But in the end I'm laying the blame squarely on Wet Coast Racer for not heeding the instructions on the bottom of the chassis for a poor showing in his stage of the RAA...

...ok, not really.

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bluetoes591 said...

I was there, that may have been the problem during Paul's leg of the race. Of course, he had the shiny side down so he could see your instructions more clearly.

Not sure about this hopping business, was nice and smooth at Paul's.

SJSlots said...

Yeah that 'hopping' has me a bit intrigued. Ortmann's and Slot It stuff normally makes a car smoother so my only guess is that for some reason the Ortmann's didn't care much for the surface being used, OR, similarly the motor was overpowering the track causing a lack of traction and the hopping came from the Ortmann's fighting to regain grip. I normally associate that with too heavy of a foot, I mean trigger...

Robert Livingston said...

The car hopped on braking at East New York, where the "developmental" testing took place. Sometimes it hopped so bad when braking that it jumped out of the slot. I found that if I tightened up the brass screw at the rear of the motor pod, the hopping was decreased.

I think the red 30t gear may have been good with the 28k Red Can, but the Slot.It 25k would have been better off with a 24t or something to give about a 3:1 ratio. I think it has an 8 tooth pinion, which usually wear in the pattern shown in the photo.

Wet Coast Racer said...

I just looked up the RAAce 6 Thread, and in Post #169 found this:

"Dave K. / Kennedy Maserati: 9.470 That I was able not only to take this car apart, but to actually fix it and put it back together, has elevated me in my own mind to Slot Car Genius status. The motor and bushings are now gooped in properly, it once again has a crown gear with 30 full teeth on it, but it still has the guide flag from hell ... "

So that there pinion is no doubt the 8t that was on it when the journey started, and no wonder it's chewed up by now having worn out at least one 30t crown; this occurring when the thing rotates completely in the slot, a rather common occurrence unfortunately. I recollect now that both the motor and bushings did need glue to stop their movement within the pod or chassis, though I wouldn't have done that unless I figured it was just getting fixed back to original spec so to speak.

An interesting car Dave. Not necessarily good ... but interesting. Feel free to rebuild it and send it off again in 2007, maybe you can beat Kurt's Mercedes next time around heh heh.