Sunday, September 24, 2006

Details, details, details

This topic is blatantly stolen from a thread on SCI...

Let me paint a picture for you... when you buy a slot car you'd be able to look at the packaging and see exactly what's waiting for you inside. You'd be able to see the RPM rating claimed by the company. You'd be able to see the gear ratio. You'd be able to see all the specs of the car BEFORE you purchased it. Now some company's use various ways of showing the features of the car. Some boxes have the icon's showing whether there is a motor pod and if there are lights in the car. But how about some actual numbers?

Many company's view slot cars as toys, especially in Europe. So many company's might not see the need to show the spec's of the car. But I think a great step towards moving slot cars from simply being "toys". It does seem that most of the major company's are moving in the direction of having replaceable racing parts, Scalex, Ninco, Carrera...all have recently introduced racing parts. And I think that's absolutely fantastic! But let's take this further and show what's already in the stock car. Give us all the facts of what's in the car. And think about it, why not put that a banner on the front of the box in a gaudy racing font, "HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE A 25,000 RPM MOTOR INSIDE ME!!!!!" Now there's a way of grabbing some attention.

Yes I want it all, what car I say I'm an ungrateful, well, you know... can I get a witness from the congregation?

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