Thursday, September 28, 2006

Scalextric Renault F1

Name: RENAULT F1 2006

Reference No:
Renault F1 2006, No1.
Driver: F Alonso and
Renault F1 2006, No2
Driver: G Fisichella
(not shown)

Class: F1
On September 26th 2005, Fernando Alonso became the youngest world champion in Formula One history, after his thirteenth podium finish of the 2005 season in the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos. At 24 years old, he also holds the records for the youngest holder of pole position and youngest race-winner.

The Scalextric model
The new rendition of the well-liked Renault livery now reflects the World Champion standings of Nos. “1” and “2” proudly displayed on the nose cone.
Scalextric are the only manufacturer to produce the current Renault F1 car.
High build-quality specification with equal high performance straight out of the box.

Magnatraction and quick change braid plate. Easy-Fit nose cone. Digital ready chassis.

Dimensions & Configuration
Car: Overall length 148 mm, Wheelbase 97 mm, Weight 63 gm
Rear: Axle width 57 mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 12 mm
Front: Axle width 56 mm, Tyre diameter 20 mm, Width 11 mm
Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm, Gear ratio 9:27
Motor: In-Line Rear Mounted Rear 2 wheel drive Mabuchi FF 18k rpm
Renault F1 photo used with permission from Renault F1. No reuse for any purpose.

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