Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

News from Vanguard Speed Lab

Good news raceway owners! 

The gear gauges are now available through ERI Associates, and the part numbers for ERI are VAN64PGG (64 Pitch) and VAN72PGG (72 Pitch).

Raceways can also order through VSL's Facebook page.

Racers can order through

Tired of losing count of how many teeth you have? 

Did the new guy ask what gear you have on your car and you forgot? 

Do you want a fast and easy way to check which gear you have or need?

Now with the new Vanguard Speed Lab Gear Gauge, knowing which gear you have is as easy as just looking. 

The 64p version covers 33T-39T, and the 72p version covers 38T-44T gears. It works with the gears installed, or on the bench; no need to fuss with taking them off.

Monday, February 08, 2021

Sneak peek at Pioneer's new Dodge "Legends"


Release date and information TBA.
Check with Pioneer Slot Cars for More Details

2021 ISRA Worlds Warm-up Races - Mt. Holly, NJ

ISRA Warm-up Event #1:

Friday, June 4 - Open practice

Saturday, June 5 - Singles race

Sunday, June 6 - Team race


Pit pass - $15 per day.

Singles race - $25 entry fee, includes one pair of tires.

Team race - $50 entry fee, includes two pair of tires.

Additional tires will be available for purchase for $13.95 a pair.



ISRA Warm-up #2:

Wednesday, July 7 - Open practice

Thursday, July 8 - Production

Friday, July 9 - ES 32

Saturday, July 10 - F1

Sunday, July 11 - 1/24 Euro


Pit pass - $15 per day.

Production - $30 entry fee, includes one pair of tires, extra tires for $13.95 a pair.

All other classes - $15 entry fee.



ISRA Warm-up #3:

Wednesday, August 11 - Open practice

Thursday, August 12 - Production

Friday, August 13 - ES 32

Saturday, August 14 -  F1

Sunday, August 15 - 1/24 Euro


Pit pass - $15 per day.

All races - $15 entry fee.

For more information - 

Speedzone NJ

Phone (609) 702-0146