Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sportsman News From Caveman Bodeez


These cars look like they could be real, don't they?  But these bodies are still vacuum formed from high-quality impact-resistant polycarbonate. 

Here is an up-close look at 6 new Group C/Sportsman bodies from Caveman Bodeez. Yes, three of them appear to be old favorites but I assure you they are brand new molds originated from CAD drawings and 3d printed masters. 

We have taken this class of body to a new level with an ability to accept a recessed interior we also created. Huge improvements were made for a much better fit of today's modern womp chassis.

Another great thing about these bodies is we will be including the headlight stickers and a small set of sponsor stickers so you can have great-looking cars too.

All of these bodies have met the criteria and have been approved by the AWRA for competition in the sportsman class.

These new items will be uploaded to our Website over the Memorial Day weekend. 

We wish you a great holiday from all of us at Caveman Bodeez. Where we continue to put "Scale" back into slot car racing.