Saturday, February 23, 2019

First 2019 Products From Mossetti Racing

New Mossetti Racing Patriot "Avenger" 4" Flexi-style chassis with assortment of accessories.

Expected to be in stock at distributors by the end of February 2019. MSRP - T.B.A.

These parts have been submitted to USRA and FNRS for approval and are pending.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019

New 1/24 24 Hour World Endurance Record Set at Mark's Model World

A New World Record for Flexi type slot cars in a 24 Hour Endurance race was set February 10, 2019 at MMW in Canton Ohio.

The New World Record is 19,951 laps, 585.682 actual miles. The old record was 16,640 and 488.5 miles set in 2005. This was the first 24 Hour event since 2005 for flexi type cars. In fact, 7 of the 8 teams were above the old record.

Congrats to Team Chubby for the Win and the New World Record. The team consisted of Joe (Chubby) Salzman, Jimmy Williams, Justin Colvin, Matt Bruce, Doug Bauer, Chris Radisich and Paul (Chickie) Ciccarello.

The drivers for the winning team

The race was very competitive throughout the race the top three teams at the end in contention throughout the race at a chance at victory.

Team Chubby led early and much of the first 11 hours when Team Plan B moved into the lead until heat 17 when Team Chubby moved back in front and survived and held on for the Win. Team Plan B finished 2nd, Team MIGO 3rd after keeping in touch of the front two teams throughout the event.

The Results

Team Chubby 19,951
Team Plan B 19,640
Team MIGO 19,518
Team Mid America 18,392
Team MMW 18,298
Team Slot Slayers 18,174
Team Gray Reapers 18,006
Team HO'ers 16,369

Congrats to ALL of the teams on their excellent Sportsmanship, Racing and Participation. Most every participant was on hand and in the building during the event. Lots of conversation, catching up and meeting new friends took place along with several "cat naps", eating, smiling, laughter, wise cracks, hand shaking, arguing, anger, frustration and emotion.

Congrats to ALL of the teams for finishing the race and that it's self is a Win and Victory for all of the teams. Every team finished the race. That is Victory for each team. No one gave up or quit. It was a fight for each team trying to move up one position during the event.

Thanks to Mark Kitto owner of Mark's Model World for hosting the event. Mark is a GREAT HOST and Cook/Chef. He kept everyone full of food the entire 24 hours as well as had everything running well. Other than a couple of track calls for some braid being loose or up, the track was great and performed perfectly. Lap Master scored perfectly and worked perfectly once we figured out how to set it up after a 10 minute race time start delay.

Drivers meeting before the start

The ProSlot Hand Out Motors and Tires worked out for every team. Each team had two motors and 8 pairs of tires. There were no motor failures except for brush wear and that is to be expected with running one or two motors in a 24 hour period. All teams changed motors during the event for their own reasons. Team Chubby ran their first motor 17 hours before changing to their 2nd motor. Teams changed their tires on their own strategy. Some teams ran their tires as much as 4 heats/hours before changing.

It was typical 24 hour race with lots of broken parts..... guides, lead wires, burnt braid, wheels falling off, toothless gears at times and lots of crunched bodies. The chassis held up quite well with some tweaking/straightening here and there. All teams used the Mossetti Patriot chassis. Two used Strikers and the rest used Defenders.

The Winning Car

There were no track calls except for track issues and the braid needed repairing a few times. The only other track calls were for riders (unintended) and due to setting up the lap counter with a minimum lap time (by accident) and that caused the track to shut off when a rider went across the lap counter. In hindsight, this was probably a good accident because it saved a few cars taking a wide open wall shot in the deadman.

We can not thank everyone enough for participating and making the event run smoothly and for the GREAT TIME we all had. It was GREAT and History was made with the New World Record as well as organizing a event with so many Slot Racing Champions ever assembled in one building at one time. Fifty some racers with 100's of National and World Championships all together have a great time and a great race. We had Wing guys, Scale guys, Retro Guys, Flexi guys, 1/32 guys, RC guys and H.O. guys.

So until next time...... THANKS to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for your participation, dedication, desire, fire, competitive spirit to do your best and be your best. It was GREAT event and Time and THANKS to each and everyone of you for doing so.