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Carrera Challenge Tour 2007

With the Car under Control, the World Championship is on Target

Nuremberg, January 2007 --- 13 cities in Germany and Austria, a 6x3 metre length, four-lane Carrera racetrack and only one dream: to be the first over the finishing line ... Once again, the 2006 Carrera Challenge Tour was a real crowd puller. Hundreds of pilots in hot pursuit of fame and honour and the hundreds of thousands of spectators who gathered by the tracks turned each race into a true motor sport event, where the competition was tough, but always fair. The difference between winning and running up was often only a tenth of a second
or a half-nose length.

On 23 November 2006 in the Filmpalast Cinecitta in Nuremberg, the time had come again for the spectacular finals of the Carrera Challenge to begin. In the extremely exciting race with new Carrera tracks, which need no power supply, Manuel Radlinger from Nuremberg in the end prevailed ever so slightly, but deservedly, over the current reigning Carrera world champion, Andreas Loth from Vienna. Pilot Stefan Fiala, also from Vienna, came in third. In the under-15 heats, Udo Huttlinger beat the previous world championship bronze medallist
Frederick Genzel – also with a razor-sharp lead. Philipp Keim jumped up to third place. Lots of races used the Ferrari 575 GTC touring car in a 1:24 scale.

In 2007, the chase for record laps and pole positions on the Carrera racetrack will be on again. The new year will hail a new round of the Carrera Challenge Tour, culminating in the World Championship in March 2008. Until then, every driver has the chance to take part in one of the many elimination heats all over Germany and Austria and qualify for the finals. After winning several gruelling duels one of those drivers will also take part in the international showdown during the World Championship. Besides getting the chance to pit their strength against the best drivers in the world, pilots can also look forward to lots of fantastic prizes.

More information and the current Carrera Challenge Tour schedule are available on the highly up-to-date website.

Carrera on the Internet – Informative, Innovative,

Carrera press release....

Nuremberg, January 2007 --- – this year, Carrera's official website will once again be a browser's paradise for slotcar drivers taking a well-earned racing break. The site features plenty to keep racing fans occupied for hours: from news and background features on anything and everything to do with the Carrera brand, to information on events and specials.

A new, up-to-date availability list in the news section, under the "Now Available" heading, shows you when Carrera's highlights for 2007 will be available. The "Products" section is crammed with information for visitors on new car models, boxed sets and accessories. And, to convert or tune Carrera cars, the Carrera Online Shop is definitely worth a visit. There, racers can order shafts, engines, tyres and other spare or small parts 24 hours a day. The "Events" section announces sporting and social events where Carrera will be represented. The "Service" section includes a complete list of retailers and distributors, including network partners (authorised Carrera retailers), so that you quickly find the proper Carrera contact in your region. Basic information on Carrera technology and product lines are also listed this section's FAQ's. You can also register for the Carrera newsletter, which keeps all fans up to date via e-mail on the newest developments in the world of slotcar racing.

The free "Specials" for downloading onto PC's are also very popular – videos, images and wallpaper with that authentic Carrera racing look and feel, as well as the easy-to-use Carrera route planner, which helps you redesign all of your tracks again and again. Regular competitions with lots of cool prizes put the finishing touches to all of what has to offer., our exclusive online forum for Carrera fans with over 5,000 members, also has plenty of content for 2007. For only 10 euros membership fee per year, members can access exclusive areas, where pros talk to other pros, where hot insider tips and tricks are exchanged, or where car rarities can be found.

After registering for the Carrera Club, fans can join in the Club Chat, the real- time discussion large forum, and access the exclusive Club Shop, where Carrera Club members can purchase strictly limited and highly sought-after Carrera Club car models as well as cool decorative track accessories or fan clothing – accessories like T-shirts and neck strips. Carrera Club members also get a 10% discount on all spare parts in the Club Shop – this alone makes the membership fee worth every penny. Last, but by no means least, members can order the full Carrera catalogue for free to be sent home. And also has plenty of social activities to choose from. With information and details on how to sign for the large annual Carrera Club meetings, like the Gaisbergrennen in Salzburg or the finals of the Carrera Championship in Nuremberg, Carrera Club makes sure that nobody is left alone with their favourite hobby.

For more information, visit our websites at and

SCX 2007 first!

This was sent to me by a friend in Europe late last night...

Photo tour of the new Spirit Peugeot 406 coupes

A box came today from Kimrey Enterprises and a pair of the new Spirit Peugeot 406 coupe's were inside. Both the British Team livery and the Mardi Gras liveries were there. While I was looking the cars over something struck me, both bodies are very, very thin. They brought to mind some models of ProSlot cars. These cars appear to be purpose built with the racer in mind, the light weight bodies made that clear before I got any further.

Both cars are mechanically identical, both have the new angle winder pod. And both, oddly come with a motor that appears to be the SX3 long can motor. But this motor doesn't come with a wrapping. And yes you do see a small bar magnet in there. There didn't feel like much of a pull on the Carrera track...

A view of the label on the motor, viewed upside down, with the body off the car.

I must admit to have not seen this model of Peugeot before. The Peugeot marque isn't terribly popular in the US, but even so these car have very pleasing curves to them.

The red car especially is a fine model. The shade of red is very nice and rich, and suits the car well. Both cars paint is well done and totally opaque.

These cars have something going for them that many slot cars don't, it's something that the ProSlot cars had, and these seem to have inherited. There's a certain built-for-the-racer feel to them. They have fairly limited extra details on the body. No photo etched grilles fall off after a few good hits into a wall. No heavy body to have to pull around. They really feel like they're ready to be tuned and heavily raced.

The front axle has a set-screw adjustment. A nice touch for those that like to be able to control the amount of travel of the front axle.

The collar for gear lash is easily adjusted with a standard Slot It wrench.

The pod is adjusted with 3 screws, 1 on the outside of the car on the bottom of the chassis, and 2 screws at the back of the chassis (on these small screws are 2 very small springs). There is a good deal of chassis flex here too, so you could tighten up the screws on the pod and the chassis might flex enough without the pod itself moving much.

The gears feel really nice on both these cars. The crown is a nylon 32 toother and the pinion is a brass 12 toother.

Also like the old (and now out of business) ProSlot, the glass is relatively thin on these cars, and Spirit has chosen to leave out the unneeded piece of glass under the roof, which saves a bit of weight. A nice touch that every company should try and do.

There is a full interior here. It's well detailed but not overly detailed. And it still feels quite light weight.

So how do these cars run? Well, I'm not able to do a full road test at this point, that will come within the next week or so. But on a few initial laps it became clear that the SX3 motor is too much motor for my small wood track, let alone my small plastic Carrera track (Fast & Furious starter set).

I tried the stock tires, which don't work very well on my wood track. I slipped on a pair of SuperTires. While I don't have the exact size needed for the car, it was clear that even the ill fitting tires made this car show its rocket-like side...much like the other recent Spirit cars powered by the SX3 motor. This is a big, powerful motor that begs to be on a big track...wood or plastic. Even though the motor is rated at 24k, the torque on this motor is tremendous!

PartII on these cars in about a week.

Thanks again to Kimrey Enterprises and Spirit for the cars.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The rumor mill: Slot It to announce new car

From a thread on Slot Car from Maurizio:
"BTW next week yet another 1971 red italian car will be announced."

So a walk through the archives at Racing Sports Cars for 1971 reveals 2 possible car...the Ferrari 512M...I don't think this is the car since it's another Ferrari and why make another Ferrari and not a competitor? No this car doesn't make sense. Also it's in a different class than the 312PB Slot It has released already.

So the other car IMO is the Alfa T33/3, this is the more likely car I think. A thread on Slot Forum has occupied the time of many members on the topic of this being a good car to be released by Slot It. Maybe Maurizio has heard the chorus asking for a nice Alfa?

And informally the new "classic" Slot It release has been shown at the Toyfair in London, but no one is allowed to mention exactly what it is yet...and I haven't heard either on or off the record what has been I'm either on the money or wildly wrong...who knows.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Get 'em while you can.

I know I've mentioned this in the past but.... if you're thinking of buying some of Spirit's latest cars, don't hesitate to do so. They will be produced in VERY limited numbers world-wide. In fact, during a conversation the other day with Cal of Kimrey Enterprises, he mentioned that his stock of many cars is totally gone! This is the case on Fantasy World's site as well, many of the Sport versions are gone. In fact there are only around 300 or so still in Spirit's own supply of certain versions!

This is a cautionary tale just in case you're on the fence about buying some upcoming cars.... you've been warned!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Historische Fleischmann!

There's site that's a must see if you're into Fleischmann slot cars...

With his site Historische Fleischmann Slotcars, Andi Bernhard is searching worldwide to get record every fleischmann-auto-rallye slot car. He's got tons of photos of slotcars, track, accessories, and a very cool section showing the original boxes from the starter sets with descriptions of what came in the sets. It would seem to me this is a very complete site if you're into these cars.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Spirit BMW delayed

The Spirit BMW is being delayed until February due to shipping difficulties.


Are you ready for a little racing?

....finally something to watch on TV again. It's RACING SEASON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona will be updated here on SCNews as often as I can...hopefully the coffee doesn't run out! You can keep tabs on the race at this link...a constantly updating screen that refreshes every few seconds during the entire race.

Photo used with permission of the Grand American Series.

Friday, January 26, 2007

New Boss Bodies announced

Smith Scale Speedway's "Boss Bodies" have quite a following some slotters in the US, and they've sent some news I thought I'd update with. A few new bodies are being released soon, starting with this Nash Rambler.

Along with the '60 Nash Rambler are a'76 Datsun 280Z and '65 Mustang sedan (as opposed to fastback) that will be released in the next few weeks. The 1/32 bodies are only $4.50 each! And with everything from a '34 Ford Coupe to a USPS Mail truck you should find something that sparks your interest... check out his site. I had to pull this cool picture of a Jag XK120 to show here...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gurney takes the pole at Daytona!

Slot Car News wire-DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (January 25, 2007) - Forty-five years after his father, Dan Gurney, won the first sports car race at Daytona International Speedway, Alex Gurney took the pole position for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Special Reserve Rolex 24 At Daytona and will lead a star-studded to the green flag at 1:30 p.m. ET on Saturday (Live television coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. ET on FOX Sports).

In a 15-minute qualifying session that saw the top spot changed hands several times, Gurney emerged at the top of the list with a lap at 1:43.475 (123.220 mph) in the No. 99 GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing Pontiac Riley. Gurney will co-drive the No. 99 machine in the 24-hour race with his regular Rolex Series teammate, Jon Fogarty, as well 1996 Champ Car champion, Jimmy Vasser, and team owner Bob Stallings. The lap was more than half a second quicker than the previous Daytona Prototype track record.

“This is a big thrill, for me personally and for the team,” Gurney said. “There's so many stars in this race, great cars and great drivers, I feel like I've come a long way to be able to be here. I'm happy for the team, who've put a lot of effort into their work to make this pole possible. It would be awesome to follow this up with a win. It is the crown jewel of the series. Qualifying really doesn't matter that much, it's really just for bragging rights, so we'll be happy with it for a day or so but beyond that, we've got to run 24 straight hours before we can win.”

News and photos used with permission from the Grand American Series.


London Toyfair on MRE!

Well Gary takes first prize on this one! He's got a number of news items already on MRE's News page.

Revell's offerings look interesting:

...check in on that page on MRE often I think there will be more to see soon!

Thanks to Gary at MRE for allowing reuse of his photos here!

Honda Racing F1 Team unveils new RA107

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain; 10.00hrs CET; 25 January 2007: Following a successful debut for the Honda Racing F1 Team’s new RA107 race car on the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona yesterday, the team’s management and drivers today provided a technical insight into the car and their first impressions of the new challenger from the track.

With the RA107 sporting its black and white testing colours in preparation for a reveal of the new team livery next month, the focus was on the development of both team and car since the Honda Racing F1 Team concluded 2006 with a strong 4th place in the Constructors’ Championship. As the team put the new car through its paces, the team’s management, together with race drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, spoke of their intent to strive for even greater success in 2007.

Jenson Button

“I am looking forward to driving the RA107 for the first time later today, when I will be able to see the result of many months of hard work in Japan and England between both our team and drivers.

“I drove the RA106 here yesterday using the new Bridgestone Potenza tyres for the first time. Today’s run will give me the benefit of a direct comparison between the two chassis. Although I have been out of the car for a while, I am very pleased with my return to the cockpit and also my fitness level, which I have been working hard on since Christmas.

“We enjoyed a strong second half to the season last year and of course our first win together will always be special. This year we will hopefully make even greater strides towards our dream of winning the World Championship together and I feel that as we enter our second year under full Honda ownership we have a realistic opportunity of moving closer to that objective. There is a great deal of work to be done between now and Australia.”

Rubens Barrichello

“We had an encouraging first day of running with the new RA107 here in Barcelona yesterday and my first impressions were good ones. I am impressed by how the car and the team have evolved during my first year here and it is clear that the RA107 is a step in the right direction.

“The RA107’s new steering and suspension geometry is better suited to the new Bridgestone Potenza tyres, giving a good balance. The revised traction control system also makes it possible for us to get closer to maximising the potential of the tyres.

“I feel confident about the season ahead because I know the importance of a stable team of key staff and drivers. It’s great that we have that advantage. I also know just how much work has gone into this car throughout the whole Honda Racing F1 Team organisation and I believe that kind of effort will move us closer to achieving our Championship ambitions. I know that 2007 can be special so I am looking forward to the start of the season.”

All images and news used with permission from

McLaren Testing info

Date: Wednesday 24th January 2007
Drivers: Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Pedro de la Rosa
Location: Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Spain
Track Length: 4.005km
Weather: Cold and windy, clear skies with some scattered cloud
Track temperature: High of 17.2 degrees Celsius
Air temperature: High of 14.6 degrees Celsius
Laps run today: 177
Kilometres covered today: Total – 708km approx.
Fernando – 268km approx. (Afternoon only)
Lewis – 276km approx.
Pedro – 164km approx. (Morning only)
Best lap time today: see below
Drivers for tomorrow: Fernando and Lewis
Duration of test: Three days (Wednesday 24th – Friday 26th January)

Driver- Time- Laps
Fernando Alonso- 1m12.387- 67
Pedro de la Rosa- 1m12.718- 41
Lewis Hamilton- 1m13.023- 69

McLaren news used with permission of

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Slot It teaser

Altre informazioni dopo la fiera di Norimberga
More info after the Nuernberg Toy Fair
Màs informaciòn despues de le Feria de Nuernberg.

Cordiali saluti - Kind regards - Atentamente


Kovalainen & Renault F1 Factory in

...a visit to one of the Renault F1 factories.

Heikki Kovalainen, Renault F1 driver on the new R27 and the race.

Video from Renault via The News Market, copyright Renault.

New Renault F1 revealed

So I'm taking bets on which slot-company will be the first to release this car...Scalextric maybe?

All images used with permission from Renault, all copyright Credits: Thierry Delaunay. No reuse for any reason.

MiniAuto Slot & Model Car Racing-latest editions

The magazine MiniAuto Slot corresponding to the month of February, arrives full from new features. In the first place, and occupying an outstanding place in the cover, the new Fly's Audi Quattro A2. Also the track test of the new Ninco's Ford Focus WRC and of the Scalextric's Honda F1 stands out. In the interior can be seen the track tests of the Scalextric Lola A1 GP, Peugeot 406 Coupé BTCC (Spirit), Red Bull F1 (Carrera) and Lancia Delta (Gom). In this number is also published the results of the election of the MiniAuto Slot Car of the Year 2006.
La revista MiniAuto Slot correspondiente al mes de febrero, llega llena de novedades. En primer lugar, y ocupando un lugar destacado en la portada, el nuevo Audi Quattro A2 de Fly. También se destaca la prueba en pista del nuevo Ford Focus WRC de Ninco y del Honda F1 de Superslot.
En el interior se pueden ver además las pruebas en pista del Lola A1 GP de Superslot, Peugeot 406 Coupé BTCC de Spirit, Red Bull F1 de Carrera y Lancia Delta de Gom.
En este número de MiniAuto Slot se publican además los resultados de la elección del Coche del Año MiniAuto Slot.
Der spanische zeitschrift MiniAuto Slot, vom Februar, es kommt voll von den neuen slot modelle. An erster stelle, und einen hervorragenden platz in der abdeckung besetzend, das neue Audi Quattro A2 von Fly. Auch der strecken test von neuem Ford Focus WRC von Ninco und des Honda F1 von Scalextric steht heraus.
Im Inneren können die tests zusätzlich zum Lola A1 GP von Scalextric gesehen werden, Peugeot 406 Coupé BTCC (Spirit) , Red Bull RB1 F1 (Carrera) und Lancia Delta von Gom.
In dieser zahl werden die resultate zur wahl des MiniAuto Slot Autos des Jahr 2006 zusätzlich veröffentlicht.
MiniAuto Slot che corrisponde al mese di febbraio, arriva in pieno dalle novità. In primo luogo ed occupando un posto eccezionale nella copertura, il Audi Quattro A2 di Fly. Inoltre la prova della pista del nuovo Ford Focus WRC di Ninco e di Honda F1 di Scalextric si leva in piedi fuori. Nell'interiore possono essere viste le prove in pista del Lola A1 GP di Scalextric, del Peugeot 406 Coupé BTCC (Spirit), del Red Bull RB F1 (Carrera) e del Lancia Delta (Gom). In questo numero inoltre è pubblicato i risultati dell'elezione dell'automobile dell'anno 2006 di MiniAuto Slot.


Articles in this issue:

Supertuned Racers, Part 14:
Assembling the 1972 Ferrari 312PB by Marc Purdham

Race-Tune Your Race Car:
Supertuned Racers, Part 15: LeMans: Spirit 2005 Dallara Judd by Marc Purdham

NASCAR Cars:SCX Ford Fusion NASCAR by Marc Purdham

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flying Lizard Motorsports blog!

Flying Lizard Motorsports have a blog for the winter testing. It's only a "few posts old" but it's worth a read and I'm glad that they take connecting with their fans seriously by updating frequently with new information and photos. Just one of what will hopefully be many more photos.
Dunno about anyone else but I'm diggin' the plain white Porsches!