Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News from Samson Classics

Samson Classics is pleased to announce a new product that should be in raceways now.

Branded as "Classi-Parts", these are called "Harry's Nuts". They represent a significant change in guide attachment design, possibly the first since we stopped melting screws into the post and started using a nut.

Available in aluminum or brass, CNC-machined for superior accuracy and alignment, these nuts are driven from the top rather than from the edge as with other hex-designs. This allows the nut to be larger in diameter for greater guide stability, and also means that they fit lower and can be more easily mounted and adjusted, as there is no need for space around the nut for the wrench. Especially on cut-down guides, this is a major advantage.

Additionally, the nuts are relieved in the underside so that the contact patch is restricted to the outer periphery of the nut, and the relief also allows space for those pesky little slivers of nylon that often come off a new guide thread.

The brass versions weigh just over 1 gram each; the aluminum parts are just under 1/2 gram each.

The drivers are branded as "Classi-Tools":

Initially these are available in plain finish only, with stainless steel drive pins assembled. On special order we can add a hole and setscrew on the back end to accommodate a hex driver, to turn this into a combination tool. Just specify the hole size needed (2mm for Koford tips, 3mm for Hudy tips, or 3/32" for some others).

MSRP on these will be as follows:

Aluminum nuts: $1.59 each, or $8.49 for a pack of six (packed with individual header cards)
Brass nuts: $1.75 each, or $9.45 for a six-pack (packed with individual header cards)
Combo pack (three aluminum, three brass): $8.95 (packed with individual header cards)

Drivers: $6.95 each (packed with individual header cards) Hex driver holes added for $1.95 extra.

Driver with six aluminum nuts: $14.95 (packed with individual header cards)
Driver with six brass nuts: $15.89 (packed with individual header cards)
Driver with three of each: $15.49 (packed with individual header cards)

Regular discounts on the packs and quantity discounts on the individual nuts will be available to bonafide raceways. 

Please contact Samson Classics at samsonclassics@gmail.com for more details.