Tuesday, October 29, 2019

AWRA 2020 Opener!

The AWRA 2020 season opener will be held on January 4th at Slot Car Cave in Rock Hill, South Carolina. 
The Sportsman and Outlaw Legend WOMPS will tackle the Monster 220. 
It's gonna be fast fun!

Monday, October 28, 2019

New Tool from Ralph Thorne Racing

Ralph Thorne Racing introduces their new guide tongue bending tool. 

With modern chassis getting stronger and stronger, the older guide tongue benders just weren't cutting it anymore. We increased the size to allow more leverage and easier tweaking.

It's made from stainless steel, and all of the hardware is stainless steel also. It comes with everything you need to use it.

Just unscrew the thumbscrew, place one washer on the top and bottom of the guide flag and thread the thumbscrew back into the handle. 

Retail is $24.99 with full discounts to distributors and raceways. These are on www.ralphthorneracing.com and shipping now!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New Products from Mossetti Racing

These new products were announced by Mosseti Racing as of 2019/10/22:

MR3102 - Avenger X chassis
This is an improved version of the MR3002 Avenger 
It’s for Flat Track Racing. Center Section (3112) and Pans (3122) available separately. 
MR1112 - Striker II Center Section 
Minor redesign from the previous version
 Lighter Tongue and reduced fore/aft movement for the Pan Section
MR1113 - Striker II ”Trio” Center Section
 Minor redesign from the previous version
 Lighter Tongue and reduced fore/aft movement for the Pan Section
MR2114 - Defender 4.5” Center Section
 Minor redesign to allow for more Guide Rotation and also clearance for front ears of Pans
MR2036 - Regular Weight Steel Pan with Uprights – For 1/2” or 5/8” Fronts
MR2037 - Regular Weight Steel Pan with Uprights to Fit “Retro” Size Fronts
MR6011 - GT-12 Chassis Kit – revised design
Central nose weight doesn’t drag on the track surface as the previous version did.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Midwest Flat Track Series Group Announces 2019-2020 Season Schedule


10-05-19: Sunset 240 Enduro @ Mid-America 

11-16-19: Series Warm-up @ Mid-America

12-07-19: Series Race #1 @ Mid-America

01-04-20: Series Race #2 @ Chicagoland

02-01-20: Series Race #3 @ Mid-America

03-07-20: Series Race #4 @ Chicagoland

04-04-20: Series Race #5 @ Mid-America

05-02-20: Series Race #6 @ Chicagoland

05-23-20: Sunset 240 Enduro @ Chicagoland

New Stock Car Body From Ralph Thorne Racing

The bar for original, creative race winning slot car bodies has now been raised once again...

Ralph Thorne Racing LLC. presents the newest member of our Titan family, The Titan XL. 

The first modern and original 4 1/2" 1/24 Stock Car body in quite awhile. 

The Titan XL is based off of our highly successful 4" body, and the newly approved Nascar Whelen series bodies in 1:1 racing. It features more pronounced fender flares that look great with the front wheels under it, a longer cowl for a more realistic look, and what we think is the lowest and most aerodynamic front end and green house area. 

You'll notice it has more of a traditional front bumper to allow for front wheel clearance and to accommodate most rule sets which require front bumpers. The body will measure just under 3.250" wide. Once again we've added a nice cut line to assist in body trimming and mounting. 

This body truly blends a modern and realistic race car appearance with superior race winning on-track performance. 

For more information or to order: www.ralphthorneracing.com.