Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Sloting Plus wheels

New Sloting Plus wheels and other products can be found at Professor Motor at this link.

From Jacques at Sloting Plus:
This wheel, as the previous models, doesn't need insert because this is already integrated in the design. The model is drawn to fit a greater number of sizes, both in diameter and in width, in order to satisfy the customer as well on the esthetic and dynamic point of view.

To make the size identification easier, we have innovated by drawing a channel with a green mark on the 15,9 x 8,5 and 15,9 x10 sizes, two channels with a blue mark on the 16,5 x 8,5 and 16,5 x 10 sizes and finally three channels with a red mark on the 16,9 x 8,5 and 16,9 x 10 sizes . No channel on the smallest 15 x 8,5 size.

Wheels are in a very light and resistant Aluminium-Magnesium alloy with a weight between 0,6 g (for the smallest size) to 0,9 g (for the biggest size) !
The "zigzag" design of the holes is conceived to avoid the abnormal usury of the tire and beyond this it authorize the use of low profile tires that are not adjusted to wheels with bigger diameter holes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

SCX Pro Audi w/25,000 rpm motor!

The new Pro Audi comes with the new RX-4H, 25,000 rpm motor.

A note for full disclosure, I work for SCX in marketing in North America.
SCX North America

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two New Scaleauto Motors

Scaleauto, a division of MRRC, has brought us a pair of dark blue motors, both rated 20,000 RPM/12v. The S-Can (type FC-130) is rated 170 gcm stall torque at 12v, and the long can (type FK-180) is rated 260 gcm torque. Both motors have ball bearings, which provide minimal friction, while eliminating motor shaft endplay. Small bits of blue epoxy on the armatures show the motors were balanced at the factory.

No-load RPM testing with a tachometer showed that two samples of the FC-130 (the standard sized motor for most slot cars) revved to 23,147 RPM/12v, and 24,351 RPM/12v. This is significantly faster than the motors' rating. Torque of the slower motor was measured with an arm secured to the shaft, pushing down on a scale. Nine readings around a single rotation were measured, with an average reading that equates to 151 gcm/12v. This falls a little short of the claimed torque. When the power is computed using half the torque and half the RPM, we find a maximum of 8.74 Watts at the power peak (in the torque and RPM mid range). This is nearly the same as the Slot.It orange endbell, 21.5k rated motor that is standard in Slot.It cars (which testing shows performance around 23k RPM, and about 9-10 Watts). So, this motor will be a big upgrade for cars with standard Scalextric, Fly, or Carrera motors, and may compete with the best and fastest on many small and medium home tracks.

One sample of the long can was tested next. No-load RPM was 21,669 RPM/12v, and torque was 294 gcm (claimed RPM is 20k, and torque is 260 gcm). Based on these key findings, mid-range output wattage computes to a maximum of 15.93 Watts. This compares favorably to 21k and 25k NSR Kings, and the Slot.It Boxer 2 (which recent testing of one example showed slightly under the claimed torque value).

The case is painted in a rich shade of dark blue, possibly as nice to look at as the famous red cans sold by Scaleauto.

Thanks to MRRC for generously supplying Slot Car News with samples to test.

Slot MiniAuto #47 September



El Lola T70 Spyder, la esperada novedad de Sloter, acapara el protagonismo de la portada del mes de Setiembre. Por otro lado se destaca también la aparición del primer modelo de Flyer’s, el Riley MK XI. En el interior se pueden encontrar las pruebas del Ford Galaxie de Revell, BMW 320 SI de Superslot, Ford GT MKIV de NSR, el nuevo Acura LMP2 de Ninco, y el Mitsubishi Pajero TT de la serie Vintage de Scalextric.



The Lola T70 Spyder, the Sloter expected novelty, steals prominence on the cover of the month of September. On the other hand also highlights the first Flyer’s model, the Riley MK XI. In the interior can be found the track test of the Revell Ford Galaxie, BMW 320SI of Scalextric, Ford GT MKIV of NSR, the new Acura LMP2 of Ninco, and the Mitsubishi Pajero TT in the spanish exclusive Vintage series of SCX.



La Lola T70 Spyder, la novità di Sloter, ruba rilievo sulla copertina del mese di settembre. Dall'altro lato anche la nascita del primo modello della Flyer’s, la Riley MK XI. A l'interno si possono trovare prove della Ford Galaxie di Revell, BMW 320SI di Scalextric, Ford GT MKIV di NSR, la nuova Acura LMP2 di Ninco, e la Mitsubishi Pajero TT nella serie Vintage, esclusiva per la spagna, di Scx.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SCX-D chip in Sloter Lola

Red Bull Aston gallery

See a gallery of photos of the SCX Red Bull Aston Martin at this link to

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Avant 207 Peugeot's

Thanks to Hannu for sending me a head's up about this news onSlotracing Planet for the head's up on these photos!!!!!

Fly October releases

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mr Slot "real racing replicas" possible releases

I haven't been able to get any additional information about these releases but I thought I'd post this release anyway.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paul Newman takes final laps on Lime Rock?

We received this e-mail from Bart Brown of Wings'n'Wheels Hobbies, Clinton CT, USA. He forwarded it. We do not know the writer.

"Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Lime Rock Park was closed down for an hour and
half today to honor Paul Newman. He was attended
by his family, close friends, Skip Barber, mechanics
on his race team, and those who happened to be at
the track. PLN toured the track in his Corvette race
car with his Buick V8 powered Volvo station wagon
following. He had come to say goodbye. Diagnosed
with terminal cancer he is not expected to live beyond
September. Race driver, actor, humanitarian, family
man and friend, they did not come any better."

NINCO World Cup - Houston Regional SEPT 6th

Yes, its time for the 2008 NINCO World Cup Regional Race in HOUSTON!
For the 3rd year in a row, the race is being hosted by Scale Auto Racing, Inc. of Cypress, TX. and the Houston Scale Auto Racing Club (HSARC).

The race will be held on SATURDAY, Sept 6th starting at 11:00am.

Rules are posted on WWW.HSARC.NET in the left navigation column by clicking on "2008 NINCO Regional".

REGISTRATION WILL BE ONLINE ONLY it will not be handled in the shop.

To Register for the NINCO Regional Race in Houston, you will need to consult the Race Grid on the bottom of the page by clicking the "2008 NINCO Regional" in the left navigation of the site.

ONLY CONFIRMED and PAID Registrations will be listed on that grid.

GRID Reservations will be done on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

You REGISTER by doing the following:
2. In that email, you will need to include the following:
* Your Name
* Your Phone Number
* Your 1st Choice of Time Slot
* Your 2nd Choice of Time Slot

**NOTE : If you are registering more than 1 racer, include that information for EACH racer.

From of your phone number and/or email address, you will be contacted for Payment Information (PayPal or Credit Card)
Once confirmed, you will be added to the grid, and it will be updated

The race fee information is as follows:
* You can race as many times as you like, permitted that there are race slots available in the grid.
* Each RacePack includes your entry fee, A25 rear tires and a motor draw.
* Fees below are PER RACER (if registering more than 1 driver)
RacePack Pricing is as follows:
1 flight: $25 (1 race fee & 1 pair of A25 tires)
2 flights $30 (2 race fees & 1 pair of A25 tires)
3 flights $35 (3 race fees & 2 pairs of A25 tires)
4 flights $40 (4 race fees & 2 pairs of A25 tires)
5 flights $45 (5 race fees & 3 pairs of A25 tires)
6 flights $50 (6 race fees & 3 pair of A25 tires)

NOTE: This does NOT include your required NINCO car!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ninco Porsche and Jag reviews

The following excerpt from a review is from Home Racing World and was written entirely by Harry Wise.
The very latest releases from NINCO have arrived here safe and sound from MRC. Of course, each of these slot cars are vastly different from one another mechanically speaking, but they do have one thing in common: Their new home! So let us welcome these new additions HRW style.

One of the many great things about our 1/32nd scale hobby today is the wide selection we have to choose from. From high speed magnet racing to milder classic action, we pretty much have it covered. NINCO is one of the companies that help bring us this variety and I for one appreciate it.

The Porsche 997 GT3:

The Porsche 997 GT3 model is nothing new aside from the paint. We have reviewed this car several times so I will point you to our NINCO Review Archives instead of repeating ourselves here about the inner workings of the car.

The paint work here is fantastic. This is a car that really catches your eye to say the least. The Tampo stamped detail of the watches on all sides is just wonderfully executed. You can see all the little details quite easily.

The sharp contrast of the blue with the yellow rear trim I also liked. Is it perfect? Of course not. The car has a few scale issues when compared to the prototype photo NINCO themselves has posted. The mirrors are the wrong color as well as the front spoiler not being fully yellow. It also appears the wing should have been blue.

The Jag:
The classic line by NINCO is by far my favorite. Mild mannered little cars that not only look good but deliver some of the most satisfying slot car racing I have had in our hobby. Does everyone think that way? Of course not. Not everyone likes these slower machines, especially when most of them are non-magnet. However, these cars have been around for quite a few years and over time they have proven themselves to many slot car enthusiasts

This latest addition is different from the older versions, so those who collect AND race these cars be warned. The body itself has not changed although the clear-coat used today is much better than that of years past. In this regard, NINCO has stepped up it's game. The livery chosen though attractive, is not very accurate according to prototype photos.

Please read the full review at this link to Home Racing World.

Monday, August 18, 2008

All 5 COT's and Pro Porsche at REH Distributing!

So I just got off the phone with Kim at REH Distributing and she has all 5 SCX Nascar COT's in stock as well as the Pro Porsche! If you're a dealer you might want to give her a call.... these will go out the door fast!

REH Distributing
4415 Marburg Ave
Cincinnati OH 45209
(513) 871-2813 ~ (513) 871-0330 Fax

Fly News...December

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Epson NSX/18 Wheeler/pit in paper!!!!

How would you like to make your own 18 wheeler and pit stall? Well you can, all you need is a printer, scissors, and TONS of patience!

On the Epson Nakajima Racing website you can find the coolest project I've seen in some time. Tires, pit babes(!!!), the hauler, and the cars all ready to be cut out and glued or taped together for scenery. These are 1/24 so if, like me, you're into 1/32 you will need to scale these down to close to the right size.
Thanks to slotbrother Timo for this link.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Jel Claws

The new 1/32 whitewall that fits Marx two piece wheel cars (above) and tires for the 1/24 Vintage Cox Rear Wheel (below).
Link to Jel Claws.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New MB Slot Ferrari's and new Zonda

Some pix from MB Slot to show today. Some beautiful Ferrari's here and a new Zonda livery!

Monday, August 11, 2008

WVSCA SCX/Spirit Enduro races

From a post by Chuck Perez on SCI:

The Wyoming Valley (Pa.) Slot Car Association
hosted its first major event since opening our doors on February 1st 2008. The door opened at 8am Saturday, August 9th , a beautiful Pennsylvania morning , and as racers entered the club facility they were greeted by the aroma of fresh coffee and bagels/donuts to a practice session or warm ups for the upcoming day of racing. At 12:00pm we started with some prize drawings and a quick drivers meeting to discuss the IROC rules , randomized the racers into the computer, we were ready to start the long day of racing.

JJ Kozokas the returning IROC champ started the day out in the red lane the normally slowest lane on the track and set a blistering pace cracking out 25 laps in 3 minutes with the stock SCX Seat Cupras no magnet, s1 tired cars, on the 85ft Carrera track.the rest of the competitors were pulling 24's in the first heat of the race. Tom Pintchuk would not be bested trying to pull out and also ran a 25 lapper with Sam Barbose Jr not to be dismissed from the race ran a 25 lap heat but could not pull the lead in the first half of this race.9 other racers ran in the first half but at the end of the first 4 lap rotation JJ was out in the lead with 100 laps (and new track record with these cars with a 6.871), Tom P with 98 , and Sam Jr 97.

A quick break and braids and tires freshly cleaned the racers set off for the second half of the first race. The beginning of the race saw several lead changes but JJ kept pace but not in the 25 region, it was Sam Barbose Jr who was now starting to drive harder trying to take the race away from JJ, And Tom P was not about to give into anybody yet. The rest of the pack knew it was now or never and racers like Scott Kozokas pulled another 25, Rich Stearns pulled straight 24's, and others trying to beat down JJ's lead. But it was Sam Jr who ran a 26 in the white lane and also set a new record of 6.807 who bested the second half of the race followed by Tom P with JJ finishing third at the end of the second half. Now it was time to add the first half to the second and the results are as follows:
  1. JJ Kozokas 197
  2. Sam Barbose Jr 196 (track record 6.807)
  3. Tom Pintchuk 195
  4. Scott Kozokas 192
  5. Dean Kirkpatrick 191
  6. Mike Grabko 190
  7. Rich Stearns 190
  8. Tom Gunshannon Jr 189
  9. Tom Gunshannon 3rd 188
  10. Jonathan Grover 186
  11. Dave Kennedy 184
  12. Brian Whalen 182

Now it was 3:30 in the afternoon, time to take a break before the Spirit Sport Race to take place, and with drinks and snacks taken care of and a quick track cleaning racers took the starting line for our second race of the day.
The Peugeot field
Again it was JJ and Sam Jr. who took off and starting pacing hard with the Spirit Sport Peugeot 406 racers (ran stock with the exception of tyres, guide flags and pickup braids) these guys were cracking 6.0's to 6.2's on the track. lead changes constant in the 5 minute heats but JJ was cracking 48's per lane to take the lead. Chuck Perez who race directed the Iroc was now to enter the race, setting up for the best run of the day, pulling a 48 lapper starting in red could this be the end of the day for JJ ? Chuck then ran a 49 in blue to set up for a fast run in yellow, while Tom P was starting to blaze his way through the field, and Sam Jr was not going to go down without a fight either but it was Chuck Perez who set a new track record at 5.883 in the yellow lane to pace himself for the finish. This race was 5 minute segments with 1 rotation and the final results are
  1. Chuck Perez 194
  2. JJ Kozokas 191
  3. Tom Pintchuk 190
  4. Sam Barbose Jr 188
  5. Dean Kirkpatrick 181
  6. Tom Gunshannon jr 180
  7. Tom Gushannon 3rd 178
  8. Scott Kozokas 172
  9. Dave Kennedy 168
  10. Mike Grabko 164 ( winner of Best Of Show)

So another great day of racing in Northeast Pa. and th WVSCA would like to thank all who sponsored prizes and trophies , Steve from SlotCarCorner , Dave Kennedy from SCX, Clem from Warrior Run Raceway and Locoworks, and the local dealer from Snap-On Tools for all their generosity.

Our next major race will be September 20th , 2008 this will be a SCX National qualifier race. If any one is interested in participating contact us at (570) 262-2128 or our web site at for more info all racers must register by September 10th 2008.

Pix from the races.
Chuck, left, watches the drivers as they compete in the IROC.
Dean concentrates on his car during the IROC.

Tom G. watches his car as it goes up through the turns.
The guys talk between races.
Mike's (#10) concours winning car.

Publishers Note:
The Wyoming Valley Slot Car Assoc. is my home club.