Monday, March 25, 2013

Ultracal decal information and link


UltraCal decals are precision pre-cut and printed on an ultra-thin film. They can be peeled off their backing and easily applied to your project without use of water. It's that easy! UltraCal decals offer the following: 

  • New super thin, innovative poly film material with a strong adhesive backing. 
  • Easily conforms to irregular surfaces such as body details, contours, seams.
  • Vivid whites in a decal that truly looks authentic.  
  • Will not chip, scratch, tear or wrinkle.
  • No need for clear coating - UltraCal decals already have the look of a clear coated decal. 
  • Graphics look sharper, more crisp than other decals. 
  • More vivid colors and backgrounds, with a painted look. Looks and feels like factory fitted, tampo printed numbers, characters.


Monday, March 18, 2013

SLPL 40515908  Wheel    URANO  15.9 x 8.5    
SLPL 40515910      "             "          15.9 x 10
SLPL 40516208      "             "          16.2 x 8.5                       
SLPL 40516210      "             "          16.2 x 10  

New Sloting Plus Urano wheels are coming!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NSR founder passes

Condolences from Slot Car News to the family of Salvatore Noviello who passed away in an auto accident.

Friday, March 01, 2013

C.B. Design Racing Wheels Now Available in 17mm Sizes

C.B. Design 5-Spoke Racing Wheels

CB DesignSlot Car Corner has just added two (2) new sizes to our popular C.B. Design 5-Spoke Racing Wheels. If you need high-performance lightweight wheels for your LMP or modern GT car but don't want to sacrifice strength or appearance, the new 17x8 and 17x11mm 5-Spoke Racing wheels are for you. Lighter than the regular C.B. Design 5-Spoke wheels, they will help give you a competitive edge on the track. C.B. Design 5-Spoke Racing Wheels are also available in 15x8, 15x11 and 15x12mm sizes. For more information, please visit the Slot Car Corner website.