Friday, July 27, 2018

2018 Dave Fiedler RETRO RACE of CHAMPIONS "The Race For The Ring"

The 2018 RETRO Race of Champions returns to Mid America Raceway in Naperville, IL on July 27 & 28, 2018
This year's event will Honor the late Dave Fiedler, former 2013 ROC and Retro racing Champion.
Two races will be held on Friday night on Dave's LTD track that was formally in his old raceway and has recently been rescued and refurbed in time for this event.
Mid America is in full operation with a huge stock of parts and Five tracks. Situated in a strip mall setting, there is plenty of food options within walking distance as well as a movie theater and other shops. Plenty of free parking.

The "Race for the Ring" will be contested in the RETRO Can Am and F1 classes on Mid America's Gerding King track ( .015" recess ).

This year there will be TWO Rings awarded. One to the All Stars Overall Champion and the 2nd to the Invitational Overall Champion.
The Schedule

Friday July 27

Track Opens at 11 AM Pit Pass Fee 10.00
Tech for Can Am on "Dave's LTD" opens at 6 PM Qualifying and Racing to Follow
Tech for Open In Line Can Am on "Dave's LTD" opens one half hour following the conclusion of the Can Am race

Saturday July 16
Track Opens at 8 AM
Tech for Can Am opens at 9:30 AM Qualifying and Racing to follow on the Mid America Gerding King
Tech for F1 will open one hour after Can Am races finish. Qualifying and Racing to follow on the Mid America Gerding King.
Tech for Open Retro Anglewinder will open one hour after F1 races finish. Racing to follow on Mid America Gerding King.
Awards Presentation
Entry Fees
Can Am on Dave's LTD 10.00
Open Can Am on Dave's LTD 10.00
Can Am on King 20.00
F1 on King 20.00
Open Anglewinder on King 10.00
Lunch will be provided on Saturday and is included in the entry fees.
Can Am and F1 will used Full RETRO rules and the only motor allowed in Can Am and F1 races is the Pro Slot 4002 FK or Pro Slot 4007 Scorpion motor with 8 t spec pinion. All other RETRO rules apply.
In General, if your Can Am and F1 cars are legal at USSCA, IRRL, ORS, P-O, Retropoolza, R-4, Sano, etc events/races, they will be legal at the ROC race as long as they have the correct motor, pinion and tires following RETRO rules.
Motor Rules for Open Can Am Inline and Retro Anglewinder:
Up to Group 12 C Can motor. No Cobalt set-ups or magnets allowed. No untagged open arms allowed. May use FK or FK mini motors. Phoenix FK motor allowed.
Open Can Am Inline and Retro Anglewinder Rules. Chassis must meet RETRO rules both classes. Open gearing. Any rear tire diameter allowed, chassis and gear must clear track by .040". No weight limit. Minimum front tire dia both classes .600". Any pitch gears allowed both classes. Can Am Inline must use Can Am bodies 1969 or earlier. Retro Anglewinder may use Retro Anglewinder style bodies. See body rules and allowed body lists for both classes.
All races will used the "one and done" format. Overall lap totals will determine the Overall Finish.
Race for the Ring.... the ring will be awarded to the driver with the best overall finish on the two King track races....Can Am and F1.
If two or more drivers are to tie in the overall finish..... the first tie breaker will be overall laps in the two classes per driver.
If two drivers are tied after this...... the tie breaker will be fastest race laps.
If there is still a tie......the tie breaker will be qualifying position.
If there is still a tie.... the tie breaker will be high heat in each race.
For more hotel/raceway questions info contact Roger at 630-484-8574

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Products From Mossetti Racing

These chassis should be available from distributors in mid to late August 2018. These will be submitted to the USRA for approval. No prices or other information available at this time.

Mossetti Racing on Facebook

4.5" Steel Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Steel Pan 3-Piece (trio)
4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Aluminum Pan 3-Piece (trio)

4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
Anodized blue and Nickel Plated
GT-12 Chassis Kit

Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Phoenix - New FK Motor from Mid-America

"The Phoenix" is a new FK-sized motor for retro, flexi and other slot car racing applications.

Before being offered for sale- it was torture tested running 4000+ laps wide open in a wing car on a 155' King Track. That's over 117 actual miles.

Available Now - Exclusively From:

Mid-America Raceway And Hobbies
1223 East Ogden Ave 
Suite 139
Naperville, Illinois 
(630) 484-8574