Thursday, July 31, 2014

Carrera North American Championships 2014

The North American slot car races of the Carrera World Championship will be held at the GearZ “Autorama” events August 1st and Oct 10th. The winner of the North American Championship will qualify for the World Championship Final to be held in 2015 at a location to be announced.

The purpose of the race is to provide a fun and fair day of racing with an even playing field of cars and track conditions. Racing will be on a Carrera Digital slot car track with 3 Digital 132 slot cars at a time competing. Racing will be done in the “fuel off” mode so using pitlane to refuel will not be required. The drivers will be using wired slot car controllers for the events.

August 1st - will be a full day of qualifying races. Racing will be held from 10am-4pm. The top 2 racers for the day will qualify for the North American Final Race to be held Oct. 10th at the Autorama event. ***To participate in the North American Final Race the top 2 winners must be return for the Final Race to be held during the Oct. 10th Autorama event.***

Oct. 10th - will be 10am-3pm of qualifying races. The top 2 racers based on the quickest time over a set number of laps qualify for the North American Final Race to be held that same afternoon. Those 2 racers along with the 2 qualifying racers from the August 1st event will be combined for a total of 4 racers for the North American Championship Final Race.

***If no qualifiers from the August 1st event return for the Final Race Oct 10th, the top 4 fastest racers from the Oct. 10th qualifying races will be the racers that will compete in the final Championship Race on Oct. 10th .***

Oct. 10th - The North American Final Race to be held at 4pm. 

Racing format for the North American Final Race (Oct 10th) will be a lap race with the winner completing the total number of laps first. There will be 4 racers that afternoon that will compete in the Final Race. 

The North American Race Champion qualifies for the World Championship Final race and will be flown at the expense of Carrera to the World Championship Final race in 2015, site of the race TBA (the previous race during 2012 was held in Germany at the Nurburgring).

Races will be held using the following guidelines:

• Carrera will provide the track and cars to race. 
• Drivers will not be able to race their own cars (or controllers) and only spec cars provided by Carrera will be allowed. 
• Drivers will be racing on the track on a first-come-first-racing basis.
• The track used for the events will be the GearZ studio Carrera Digital slot track. 
• Qualifying races will be timed races with the fastest time of the day winning the race. 
• Fastest time over a set number of laps to determine the race winner. *Number of laps TBA the day of the race.
• In the unlikely event of a tie from the qualifying races for the day of racing, a race-off will be held between the racers.
• The Final Race Oct. 10th will be a lap race with the winner being determined by the first car to complete the total number of laps. (Number of laps TBA)
• All the digital settings for the cars will be set by the officials in order to make racing as even as possible.
• Racing will be done 3 cars at a time during the timed qualifying races.
• Racers will be allowed warm up laps to get familiar with the performance of the cars.
• All decisions by race officials are final.

Sportsmanship- racing digital slot cars requires a level of sportsmanship that means that drivers don’t intentionally try to push off other drivers in order to gain track position. If in the opinion of race officials a driver is trying to make contact and push off another driver in order to gain position in a way that’s not in the spirit of good sportsmanship that driver will be asked to stop racing.

More information on the event can be found here:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Precision Slot Cars Introduces Jig for B&E Slotsport Chassis Kit

New! Chassis Building Fixtures for B&E Slotsport Chassis Kit.

Block alone $45.00

Motor block $35.00

Jig wheels $16.95 per pair

Photos by Precision Slot Cars

Monday, July 28, 2014

MR Slotcar McLaren F1-GTR Breaks Cover

Prototype McLaren F1 GTR Body
And Chassis

Stock Number 1046
Uneo Clinic LeMans 1995 Winner
Stock Number 1044
GTC Gulf Racing LeMans 1995 4th 

Here are the general features of the F1-GTR that are improvements over the previously released Mazda 787B:
  • Improved plastic quality for both body - much stronger, and glass parts - much clearer
  • Improved glass mounting system in body minimizing inboard collapsing.
  • Overall stronger fastening of the body elements
  • Better quality machined/metal parts, wheels, gears and axles
  • Front and rear independent Suspension capabilities

Technical specs:

Weight of car 88.6 grams

Weight of Body 21.1 grams - With interior 

Wheelbase 88.8mm

Motor FK180 "Boxer" 21,500 RPM -345 g/cm Torque - Anglewinder configuration

Gear Ratio 11:29 (Pinion is 6.5mm and Spur is 15.5mm Diameters)

Wheel Size 17.3 x 8.2 mm

Latest best estimate is that these first two cars, and the undecorated kit should be in the shops by the fourth quarter of 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Classic NASCAR from Carrera

1/32 Carrera Dodge Charger 500, Driver- Andy Hampton #58, Rainer Racing, Stock Number 27461

Photos by Dave Kennedy.

Photo of actual racing car.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Carrera's 1/32 VW Beetle Group 5 - First Photos

VW Beetle "GROUP 5" RACE 2
Item no. 30703 Digital

Press Release - 3rd Race of Champions / Race for the Ring


High Banks Raceway
579 Tuscarawas Ave.
Barberton, Ohio 44203

Contact: Ross Scharf (734) 968-3912

BARBERTON, OH … The ‘Race for the Ring’ will once again be an integral part of the popular Third Annual Retro ElecTric Racing Organization (RETRO) sanctioned Race of Champions (RoC), to be held at High Banks Raceway in Barberton, Ohio on Saturday, July 19.

A specially designed hand ring, sponsored by Fast Ones / Outisight Bodies, will once again be awarded to the racer who scores the best overall finish between the featured RETRO Can-Am and Group 7-68 car classes. Previous winners of the ‘ring’ were Rick Davis (2012) and ‘Sano’ Dave Fiedler (2013).

The first two editions of the RoC were staged at the now closed Mid-America Raceway in Chicago, IL.
“A big part of the RoC mystique is the fact that the race utilizes a hand out motor procedure,” said race organizer Ron Hershman. “The first two years we used Pro Slot 4002 ‘Puppy Dog’ motors. This time around we have decided to run the new, low cost, sealed Pro Slot 4002-FK motor, which is proving to be very popular across the country.”

Racers will be permitted to purchase and practice with their engraved hand out motors on Friday, July 18, beginning at 6:00 PM. However, ALL engraved motors purchased on Friday must be returned to secure impound when the practice session is concluded. Any motor that is not returned to impound Friday evening will NOT be permitted to be used in the races on Saturday. Anyone purchasing motors on Friday must also pay their race entry fees. No exception!

RoC competitors will be using new Pro Slot 4002-FK motors with gold dust brushes installed (an $18.00 value). The motors will be professionally ‘run in’ prior to being handed out, allowing racers to install the motors directly in their cars without having to allow for break-in time prior to practicing. All motors will be engraved at the time of purchase, and ONLY these motors may be used in the race. Competitors must race the engraved motor(s) they purchased. Racers may purchase two hand-out motors per class.

All motors will be sold and engraved at registration on Friday evening and Saturday morning. All additionally purchased engraved motors not being raced in the Can-Am race must be submitted and impounded during tech for Can-Am. Any motor NOT impounded at Cam-Am tech will not be permitted to be used for the Group 7-68 race. All Can-Am cars and motors will be released from impound at the conclusion of the Can-Am feature event. Motors may not be tampered with in any way. Motor brushes and springs may not be altered and/or changed. Any sign of tampering will result in immediate disqualification. All motors must use a spec eight (8) tooth pinion. Any crown gear may be used.

Entry fee for the Can-Am portion of the race is $35.00, which includes one hand-out engraved Pro Slot 4002-FK motor. One additional engraved motor may be purchased for an additional $15.00.

The Group 7-68 entry fee will be $20.00, if a racer elects to run an engraved Can-Am motor. A $35.00 entry fee will be charged, if a racer purchases a hand out engraved Pro Slot 4002-FK motor. One additional engraved motor may be purchased for an additional $15.00.

Saturday entry fees include pit pass and a track provided lunch.

High Banks will open it doors at 7:00 AM on July 19. Registration and motor hand-out will begin at 7:15 AM. Pre-race practice will be from 7:00 to 9:30 AM. Can-Am tech will open at 9:30 AM, followed immediately by qualifying. Tech for Group 7-68 will open after a short practice session following the conclusion of the Can-Am feature.

High Banks will be open for practice on Friday July 18 from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Registration and motor hand out will begin at 6:00 PM. A $10.00 track pass will be charged.

For raceway information contact Ross Scharf : (734) 968-3912. For race and rules information: contact Ron Hershman at

Monday, July 07, 2014

News from Proto Slot Kit

Proto Slot Kit adds 1/32 Slot Car kit stock number CB085 to their 2014 catalog; 1970 March 707- Chevrolet Can-Am was designed by Robin Herd and driven by Chris Amon.

Here are some of the first pictures of the completed kit:

More details and how to order information available at: