Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I wanted to let you all know about the passing of Bob Haines of REH Distributing last night in Cincy. Bob was one of the first slot car distributors in the US. He supported the hobby over his entire adult life. He supported racing in the 60's going so far as to let the factory teams (who raced on a shoestring budget) regularly stay at his own home during race events in the city. He and REH have distributed most of the slot car brands that have ever been made, they have sold here and around the world. He was one of the people that helped the hobby get a start in the US, in a very real way we have lost one of the founders of the hobby here. I just talked to Kim Fields (his daughter) just now on the phone to express my deep sadness to hear this. Bob was one of those people in our business that I looked to as a model to be emulated. He knew the business and he understood the importance how small this hobby is and how to treat people. I remember one evening during the Hobbytown Convention a few years ago we talked for hours over many, many drinks and it became clear to me how much the hobby of slot racing owes a debt to him... and how much I now am really glad to have known him. That easy smile and warm, gravely voice were just a pleasure to be around... There will be no services. -Dave Kennedy, Publisher-Slot Car News Hornby US Brand Manager