Friday, August 31, 2007

A reminder to all those Audi fans....4th gear anyone?

The next American LeMans Series race is about a look back at Mosport?

I just can't get enough of seeing the Audi getting passed to lose the race...sorry my Porsche-centric attitude is showing!!!!

Ninco Fences...on Carrera track.

Yes it works! I ordered a pack of Ninco high fences from long-time friend Gene who owns Slot Car Place and he hooked me up with some fencing at a great price. I wasn't totally sure it would work since I had no idea if the hooks that go over the edges of the track would be the right depth for Carrera track because after all, this is made by Ninco and you never know if crossing brands will work for much of anything, but in this case it does!
So I snapped away and in a short time the fences were in place and I had the look I was going for. The theme of the plastic track is "The Bay Bridge", as in the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. My wood track's theme is the Embarcadero, which is the street in San Francisco that runs along the bay and meets the Bay Bridge. It's one of my favorite places in the city that I used to live in briefly. So I've been trying to piece together, in my mind, what the area around a bridge on/off ramp looks like. And big high chain link fences came to mind, so these Ninco fence pieces fit the bill!
I know this is as much an update on my personal track as it is a rather brief review but what else is there to say? The pieces fit together well, they're nicely molded, they're easily assembled...they work on Carrera track too!



...and visit Slot Car Place for a reasonable price on slot-stuff!

Motor Mint-Eddie Gas Station review

A review by Frank of the Motor Mint "Eddie Gas Station" is available at this link.

Check out the Motor Mint website at this link.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Carrera news-3 updates in 1

Look what is posted on Porsche Germany's site...a complete set including two models Porsche 911 GT3 RSR with different running decorations. Vehicles with front and tail lighting. In 1:32, the track length is 6.3 m.A link to the set. I've gotten confirmation that these cars will only be available in the set which will only be sold at Porsche dealers in Germany! now the question is, who in Germany will help an American slot brother out?
Photos used from the Porsche Germany site.

I was looking around the Carrera website today and found some interesting things. There's a pretty good interactive flash presentation on the site that shows a Carrera Exclusiv tuning demonstration, look at it at this link.


This was the Flying Lizard MS Porsche shown a while ago.......and now here's the photo shown on the Carrera site...

I know this is a detail that most won't care about but the IMSA and ALMS logos on the hood should be switched. The IMSA logo should be on top. These are the liveries from the Sebring race, since then the ShoreTel logo above the bumper, has moved to the front of the bumper.
Image used with permission from Flying Lizard Motorsports from the Sebring ALMS race 2007.

Tafel Racing then...
...and now...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Desert Slot P086 chassis prototype photos

A prototype of the new Desert Slot chassis "Desert P086 Oasis".

From Raid Slot World's David Airob:

Os presentamos la próxima novedad de la firma Desert Slot, el chasis “Desert Oasis P086” .
Realizado en fibra de placa electrónica de 1,5mm. de espesor soldada durante el montaje, ofrece una máxima robustez para afrontar fuertes impactos o caídas. Está preparado para montar un motor de caja larga con transmisión en el eje trasero y tracción 4x4 mediante poleas. Dispone de un brazo basculante con una longitud suficiente para superar fuertes desniveles u obstáculos elevados sin ningún tipo de problemas. Su peso es de 20 gr. y su distancia entre ejes es de 86mm. Esta primera referencia está preparada para ser acoplada directamente a un Volskwagen Touareg de Ninco sin necesidad de acoplar o añadir ningún tetón a la carrocería. Junto al chasis se suministran los tornillos de fijación del motor y tope de guía. El precio es de 80 Euros más gastos de envío. Si queremos adquirirlo junto a la carrocería del Touareg Test Car del que se harán tan solo 50 unidades deberemos desembolsar 180 Euros.
Para reservas o consultas podéis escribir al siguiente mail:
Así mismo os mostramos las imágenes del chasis que montará el Pegaso Troner “Mas Slot”.Otra novedad que próximamente estará a la venta son los neumáticos para camión 30x9 mm. en blisters de cuatro unidades y llantas de 20,4x9mm. en bolsas de dos unidades.

A translation of David's text from Bablefish:
The Desert Slot chassis "Desert P086 Oasis". Made in fiber of electronic plate of 1,5mm. of thickness welded during the assembly, it offers a maximum robustness to confront impacts or falls. It is prepared to mount a long can with transmission in the back axis and traction 4x4 by means of pulleys. It has a tilted arm with a length sufficient to surpass forts unevennesses or obstacles elevated without no kind of problems. Its weight is of 20 gr.. and its wheelbase is of 86mm.

This first reference is prepared directly to be connected to a Volkswagen Touareg from Ninco with no need to connect or to add no projection to the body. Next to the chassis to the motor screws of fixation of and top of guide are provided. The price is of 80 Euros more expenses of shipment. For preorder or information you can write to the following mail: Also we showed the images to you of the chassis that will mount the Pegaso Troner.

Slot Car King Cup II-Proxy race cars

I thought I'd pass along a photo of the Slot Car King Proxy Race cars today. I'm sure the guys will keep us up to date with the race as it progresses.

Monday, August 27, 2007

NYPD slot car-HO review

A review from Mike of the Racemaster NYPD HO slot car is at this link!

SCX Compact-a further look

1/43 guru Philippe Marchand has done an extensive review of the SCX compact system. If you're interested in the Compact system, or if you'd just like to read a really well done review give this a look. Read the review at this link.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Porsche wins, but just bearly!

Audi on borrowed time!

Timo Bernhard and Romain Dumas scored another upset overall victory in the American Le Mans Series as the duo led the way for Penske Motorsports, which claimed its second straight LMP2 team championship. Bernhard took the lead with only three minutes left in his Porsche RS Spyder as Allan McNish's Audi R10 TDI became stuck in gear.

Bernhard took the checkered flag 19.5 seconds ahead of McNish. The victory was the fifth for the No. 7 duo, all of which have been overall wins. They also lead the class driving championship.

McNish and Dindo Capello finished first in LMP1 for the seventh time this season and clinched the P1 team championship for Audi Sport North America.

"We have shown in the past year that this team is one of the best. But we already knew that," Dumas said. "Everyone knows the success of Penske Motorsports and Roger Penske. Last year we had a nice car but the competition was not so high. This year we have a new car and thank goodness for that."

McNish appeared to have the race locked up late when he inherited the lead from Bernhard on the Porsche's final stop. But the first sign of a gearbox malfunction began to creep in with 10 minutes left. What had been a 22-second lead evaporated to two seconds with five minutes remaining.

"I was so busy trying to pass slower traffic and maintain my position ahead of the Acuras and my Penske Porsche teammates for the LMP2 victory that I did not realize the Audi was having mechanical problems," Bernhard said. "I thought he had made a pit stop, and was having trouble getting back up to speed. It was only after I passed him and could not see him again in my mirrors that I heard on the radio that his car had trouble."

"With 20 minutes to go I was already cleaning my helmet and thinking we had won the class again," Dumas said. "That was the goal as it always has been. It was difficult to keep the Audi in sight early at the start. I knew if we kept good contact we would have a chance."

Ryan Briscoe and Sascha Maassen finished third overall and second in P2 in the other Penske Porsche, followed by the second diesel-powered Audi of Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner. Fifth overall and third in P2 was Andretti Green Racing's Acura ARX of Bryan Herta and Marino Franchitti. The top five cars finished on the lead lap.

For Audi, Sunday's finish means it will have to wait at least one more race for its first overall win since St. Petersburg.

"We were in a very good position and had the Porsche covered on lap speed," McNish said. "The team did a great job with the second stop on fuel. That fell in our favor for once. But with seven or eight minutes to go I had a big problem coming out of the hairpin and was stuck in gear. We don't know what happened. The car was great before the end. We had the race under control."

The Audis ran first and second overall for much of the first hour. The fast corners and long straights at Mosport made the R10 TDI feel at home.

"The start was very good," said Capello, who qualified on the overall pole. "On cold tires I was able to push and I had a gap to our sister car. The behavior of the car changed however. In the first part, it had a bit of an understeer with no grip. But after the safety car (at the eight-minute mark) it had an oversteer. You had to clean tires often."

News and photo of the Porsche celebration by the American LeMans Series, race photos by slot brother Van LaPointe.

Massa wins a "watching paint dry" Turkish GP

In what can BEST be described as a dull race, Massa won today in Turkey. Read all the details below.

Photos copyright Red Bull/GEPA 2007, no reuse for any reason.

Avant Slot news

I got some specs from Avant Slot that I thought I'd pass along, and some news as well.
Hurricane motor (orange):
Revs: 27.000 at 14,8 volts.
Torque: 380 gr/cm
Magnet: 250 gauss.

Hunter motor (green)
Revs: 25.000 at 14,8 volts.
Torque:380 gr/cm.
Magnet:300 gauss.

The green one is used, principally in Spain/Portugal/France/italy for Rally slot, due its magnet force. The new orange one has been develop for speed/endurance racing. The new Racing cars (shown below) will carry the new motor, with rear aluminum 16,5 x 10 wheels.

At the begining of September, AVANT SLOT is going to launch the first 1/24 complete race car. The Peugeot 307 WRC.
It will have a completely detailed cockpit, and a metal multi regulation chassis. A really ready to run car. Green motor, aluminum wheels and rubber ( not foam) tyres.