Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The 2nd 24 Hours of Ohio Race - 2021

The 2nd 24 Hours of Ohio Race Presented by the FNRS was held June 25-27, 2021 at Mark's Model World in Canton, Ohio. The Race was held on their 155’ Gerding King Track.

Six teams and 39 drivers participated in the long and grueling event. One team that had entered was a no-show.

Friday started off with all-day practice on the King track and most racers were quite busy dialing in their racing machines.

The engraved Hand Out Pro-Slot Double Ball Bearing Scorpion motors and Mid America Wonder Rubber Tires were handed out at 5 pm and all cars and extra tires and motors were etched and impounded at 8:30 p.m.

The race started at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning with the first hour-long segment of 24 total one-hour-long segments. 

It was now up to the drivers, pitmen, strategy, and luck over the next 24 hours.

Team Cars at the Start

It's difficult to give a blow-by-blow heat by heat Race report due everything going on over the 24 hours, but here is a summary of the event.

Team Nomad was in first place after the 1st hour with Team Great 8 taking the lead after 2 hours and holding the lead into the 4th hour when Team Those Guys where leading at the end of 4 hours. Lots of changes were taking place in hours 3 and 4 as tire changes, Braid changes, oiling, etc was taking place for all of the Teams.

After 5 hours it was Great 8 back in front with a slim lead over Those Guys and Team MMW. Teams Mid America, Nomads and Michigan Mafia were having their share of problems and bad luck in the first 5 hours, but they didn't give up and kept repairing and fighting.

Over the remainder of the race, Great 8 continued to lead while Those Guys stayed close the next 19 hours while scrapping with MMW for 2nd a couple of hours while Mid America and Michigan Mafia climbed out of last place in the early going.

In the end, it was Great 8 Winning with 19,833 laps, 2nd Those Guys 19,154 laps, 3rd MMW 18928 laps followed by Mid America 18,576 laps, Michigan Mafia 18,389 laps and Nomads 18,189 laps.

The Winning car traveled a tad over 582 miles at an average speed of a tad over 24 MPH. 

BIG THANKS to Mark Kitto of MMW for hosting the marathon, ALL of the racers who put forth their best efforts, Pro-Slot for the motors, Mid America for the tires, and Ralph Thorne Racing for the event t-shirts and awards.

Team Those Guys - Mike Fleming, Mark Gardiner, Ray Gardiner,
Dan Halfhill, Jeff Henes, Brian Lear, Ron Vincek

Team MMW Darrell Fuller, Ralph Middaugh, Greg Miller, D.J. Joseph

Team Nomad - Andris Shebins, Jon Madtes, Nick Kuhns,
Tim Burton, Mike Gerbetz, Doc Dougherty

Team Michigan Mafia - Dave Decoster, Bob Foster, Rich Attee, Big Mike

Team Great 8 - Dave Simerka, Jeremy Dennis, Jason Dennis, Ken Green, 

Jim Harter, Dustin LaRowe, Lonnie Baatz, Ron Hershman

Team Mid America - Jeff Strause, Rob Hanson, John Vincent, 

Jeff Goldberg, Roger Schmitt, Rob Voska

Final Results

Winning Cars Top

Winning Cars Bottom

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Flexi Palooza 2021 Dates Announced

Announcing the 2021 Flexi Palooza 2-21 Race to be held Dec 3-4, 2021 at Mach 1 Raceway in Spout Spring, Virginia.

All races will be on the Gerding G4 King 155'.

More Details to follow....... same format, rules, classes, etc as the past Flexi Palooza Races.

Save the Date & Mark your Calendars!!!!!

There will be no Flexi Flats race in 2021.