Monday, April 30, 2007

MB Slot gears...lots of them

MB Slot is showing a huge new selection of gears.

24 tooth

25 tooth

26 tooth

27 tooth

And gear stoppers...

Thanks to MBSlot for the photos.

AutoArt Tuning and Autoart Italy are pleased to present the 1st Autoart Slot tuning Competition, open to all slot
enthusiasts and modelers worldwide.
Taking part to the competition is free, and will allow measuring one’s
skill against slot racing, tuning and model experiences from all parts
of the planet.
The theme of the competition is a “Hard Tuning” conversion of AutoArt’s
Porche 911 (996) GT3 R model, code 13076 – shown in the picture

The competition will start on April 23, 2007 , ending on June 10, 2007

Prizes will be the following:
1st place : AutoArt Bentley Speed 8 1:18 scale model, Le Mans 24 hrs
2003 + Ford Racing Mustang FR 500 C 1:32 slot car
2nd place : AutoArt Aston Martin DBR 9 1:18 scale model, 2006 – 007 +
Ford Racing Mustang FR 500 C 1:32 slot car
3rd place : AutoArt Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:18 scale model, AutoArt livery
+ Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1:32 slot car

A very beautiful AutoArt wristwatch will be drawn among all participants.

Other information and the rules of the competition on: e Autoart Italy, sono lieti di presentarvi il 1° Concorso Autoart Slot Tuning, concorso aperto a tutti gli
Appassionati slottisti e modellisti del mondo.
La partecipazione al concorso è gratuita e permetterà di misurarsi con
Realtà slottistiche, Tuning o modellistiche, di ogni parte del nostro
Il concorso consiste nell’effettuare una preparazione “Hard Tuning”
delmodello AutoArt Porsche 911 (996) GT3 R codice 13076, in scala 1:32
che vedete nella foto.

Il concorso partirà il giorno 23 aprile 2007 e terminerà il giorno 10
giugno 2007.

I premi saranno i seguenti:
1° classificato: Modello Autoart in scala 1:18 Bentley speed 8 24 ore
diLe Mans 2003 + modello slot 1:32 Ford Racing Mustang FR 500 C
2° classificato: Modello Autoart in scala 1:18 Aston Martin DBR) 2006 –
007 + modello slot 1:32 Ford Racing Mustang FR 500 C
3° classificato: Modello Autoart in scala 1:18 Porsche 911 GT3 RS livrea
Autoart + modello slot 1:32 Lamborghini Diablo GT

Ad estrazione tra tutti i partecipanti al concorso un bellissimo
orologio da polso della Autoart

Il regolamento del concorso, le news e tutte le informazioni le trovate
alla pagina:

Scalextric Rover

Thanks to Scalextric for sending the news!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

BMW F1 on the!

A modern Formula 1 vehicle was driven around the historic Nordschleife track at the Nürburgring in Germany for the first time in 31 years. A crowd of 45,000 witnessed BMW Sauber F1 Team driver Nick Heidfeld drive three laps around the 20.8 kilometre race track. His second lap, with a recorded lap time of 8:34, was his fastest. Heidfeld also reached a top speed of 275 km/h on the “Döttinger Höhe” straight despite the car’s unusually hard demonstration tyres.

Video and text from BMW via The News Market.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lime Rock-Porsche Club race-final entry

Ahhh, yes...Station 10 along the track, which is right next to the bridge. This has become a favorite shootin place of mine. You get a great view of the cars coming around a fast corner and down the hill towards you (seen below).

The vantage point gives you a nice low angle and if you've got a long enough lens you can get the cars coming around the corner and right along the edge of the track, right at you.

A wide shot of the officials station.

And this...1972 914-6 (I just looked in the program and found that bit of info), was the wildest car in the paddock. I didn't see it leave there though, sad to say.

A crazy 935-esque nose on this car.

This 997 driver was turning consistant laps one-after-another. He was within a second each time around for at least 5 laps. And he was really flying especially considering he HAD A PASSENGER WITH HIM!!!! He was the fastest car during the "DE" or driver education race.

This 944 was just screaming around the track, even the corner marshal's, who were all Porsche owners too, were impressed with the speed this guy was able to go. In his class he was waaayyyyy faster than everyone else.

I like the fact that the drivers wave to the corner workers after the races are over. They do this for the vintage races too. I don't remember seeing this during other types of racing I've covered.

Thanks to Lime Rock Park and the Connecticut Valley Porsche Club for allowing SCNews to attend today's races! 558 frames taken...80 or so posted in the gallery.
BTW, here's the link to the gallery on Slot Car Illustrated again...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Porsche Club of America-update 2

Lime Rock races for the Connecticut Valley Porsche Club of America chapter.
Well I've got tons of photos to show from today's races at Lime Rock. On the link above you'll find the gallery on Slot Car Illustrated's servers.

...more later.

Lime Rock Porsche Club of America-update 1

Ya gotta love racing in the rain!

Well the rain has stopped and the afternoon races are going on now. Kind of a odd collection of 911's, 944's, Boxsters all on the track together at various times. More photos later.


Carrera Digital 132 questions answered

Unless you've looked at the Carrera site recently you may have missed a huge list of answers about the new Digital 132. I've pulled out a few of the Q's & A's but the list on the Carrera site hopefully will answer most questions that users have.

Is it possible to run Digital 132 cars on analogue, i.e. on an Evolution racetrack?
Yes. By pressing the speed controller three times (thumb), Digital 132 cars can be adjusted to analogue operation whilst standing on the Evolution racetrack.

Which parts of an existing PRO-X racetrack need to be replaced to be able to use the Digital 132 technology?

Black Box, lane change sections, cars and Pit Stop Lane (if existing) of Digital 132 need to be replaced.

Is it possible to race 6 adjustable Digital 132 cars on a PRO-X racetrack?
No, it is only possible to run 4 cars. Similar to PRO-X you can only use up to 4 Digital 132 cars being controlled via speed regulators. But it is possible to additionally use 1 Pace Car and 1 Ghost Car. This requires a 3.5 amp PRO-X transformer.

Is it possible to run both PRO-X cars and Digital 132 cars on a Digital 132 racetrack at the same time?
No. It is not possible to run PRO-X cars on a Digital 132 racetrack.

Is it possible to retrofit PRO-X cars to Digital 132?

Yes, if the PRO-X circuit board is replaced by a corresponding Digital 132 circuit board. This requires appropriate soldering skills.

Can cars of other manufacturers be retrofitted to Digital 132?

This is possible when having adequate technical skills. As a matter of course changing any of the components will invalidate your warranty.

Which circuit length does require any additional supply with Digital 132?
Tracks of an entire length of 12 metres and more should be equipped with an additional power supply. Since 2006 the generation of modified U-profile connections between the individual track parts has drastically minimised the power loss. You will get the additional supply cables required from your retailer under item number 20584 (cable length 5m) and item number 20585 (cable length 10m). Under no circumstances you shall connect any further Black Boxes and/or transformers (danger of causing a short circuit!).

When will the new system Digital 132 be launched?
In autumn 2007.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tomorrow-Porsche Club Lime Rock Races

Slot Car News will attend the Porsche Club of America event at Lime Rock Park tomorrow afternoon. I have no idea what I'll find or it the weather will cooperate but I'll be there, camera in hand, and I'll file a report and a gallery of images tomorrow afternoon. Look for frequent updates as time allows Friday afternoon from 1pm-6pm EST.

From the schedule I see there are races all afternoon of different classes of cars. No idea if these are street or race cars, but who cares, they're Porsche's!


Scalextric SEAT Team Holland

Thanks to Scalextric for the news.

BTW, this one should make all those slot car bloggers in the Netherlands happy, eh guys?