Friday, December 21, 2018

Pro Slot Announces "The Reaper" 4" Flexi Chassis

Introducing "The Reaper" chassis from Pro Slot.

This is a 4 inch class flexi car that has shown great results in development and testing. 

It has a stainless steel center section with an aluminum pan. 
Weighing in at 27.5 grams this car is very light and agile. 

Pro Slot is in the final stages of development and plan on offering this chassis in early 2019.

For more information on Pro Slot products: Click Here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sneak Preview of 2019 Mosseti Flat Track Chassis

Below is a pre-production sample of the 2019 Mossetti Patriot Avenger 4" 1/24th Chassis - It is designed specifically for Flat Track Racing.

The chassis is expected to be available for sale early in the first quarter of 2019. No price has yet been announced.

Contact Mossetti Racing on Facebook for more information.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Upcoming AWRA Events Jan-Feb 2019

Here are a few of the races upcoming on the AWRA Calendar-

For More Information visit the AWRA page on Facebook.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Another Slot Car Icon Gone

Most Slot Car Racers in the greater Chicago area have either been to or heard of Dads Slot Cars in Des Plaines, IL.

It is a very retro place- part slot car track and part ice cream parlor. Visitors were greeted by a huge neon Art Deco sign- which if you have ever seen it, it is burned into your memory.

The original Chris Dadds tracks (Orange replica and Tri-Oval) still negative gate to this day. No room for pit space and no modern timing system so an organized racing program was not possible. It was just a place to enjoy running your cars or have parties. Sometimes I wonder if it was by design because I heard it said more than once that the owner didn't care much for “racers".

Unfortunately, I heard today of the passing of its somewhat quirky owner... here is the obituary:

Thomas J. Pelletiere age 75 of Des Plaines passed away on November 14, 2018.

Beloved husband of Reba for 49 years. Loving father of Tom Jr. (Karen) Pelletiere, Sue (Anthony) Almerigi, Mary (Ryan) Heider, Vito (Bobbi) Pelletiere, and Margaret (AJ) Cruz. Cherished grandfather of AJ, Faith, Tommy, Vito Jr., Emily, Nicky, Becky, Josh, Charlotte, Ruby, and Vicky. Dear Brother of the late Bill (Mary Ann) Pelletiere, and the late Patty (BoB) Proksa. He is also survived by many loving friends.

Tom met Reba at Fastex in Des Plaines and shortly after got married at First Congregational Church of Des Plaines in 1969.

They bought the house of their dreams and made it a home, raising their 5 children. All of which are raising families of their own in Des plaines with his 11 grandchildren with one on the way.

Family was always most important and he raised his kids to know that. Spending summers in Michigan to vacationing in Melaque, Mexico. Everything he did was always for his family.

In 1977 he opened Tin Lizzie Antique Auto Parts in downtown Des Plaines. There his name was made restoring antique cars and motorcycles. From the Barber chair to the airplanes on the ceiling, he always had a vision.

In 1992 he proudly opened Dads Slot Cars in downtown Des Plaines making memories for not only his own children but for kids of all ages and their families.

We invite everyone to make memories with us and share your memories of Tom on Saturday December 15th from 12:00 to 3:00pm at Dads Slot Cars at 700 Lee Street, Des Plaines, Illinois, celebrating his gift of life and his legacy with racing surrounded by everyone that knew him.

"Friends will come and friends may go but family will last forever”...Dad.

Funeral care provided by G.L. Hills Funeral Home. For info please call (847) 699-9003 or

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Upcoming AWRA Events

Here are a few of the races upcoming on the AWRA Calendar

For More Information visit the AWRA page on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I wanted to let you all know about the passing of Bob Haines of REH Distributing last night in Cincy. Bob was one of the first slot car distributors in the US. He supported the hobby over his entire adult life. He supported racing in the 60's going so far as to let the factory teams (who raced on a shoestring budget) regularly stay at his own home during race events in the city. He and REH have distributed most of the slot car brands that have ever been made, they have sold here and around the world. He was one of the people that helped the hobby get a start in the US, in a very real way we have lost one of the founders of the hobby here. I just talked to Kim Fields (his daughter) just now on the phone to express my deep sadness to hear this. Bob was one of those people in our business that I looked to as a model to be emulated. He knew the business and he understood the importance how small this hobby is and how to treat people. I remember one evening during the Hobbytown Convention a few years ago we talked for hours over many, many drinks and it became clear to me how much the hobby of slot racing owes a debt to him... and how much I now am really glad to have known him. That easy smile and warm, gravely voice were just a pleasure to be around... There will be no services. -Dave Kennedy, Publisher-Slot Car News Hornby US Brand Manager

Friday, August 31, 2018

Friesner Wins First Annual NASRA Group 7 Title

August 26, 2018 was the date of the first ever North American Slot Racing Association (NASRA) Group 7 wing car national championship race sponsored by Stupidfast Thunder Rubber held at "Slotcars R Us" raceway in White House, TN.

Group 7 race winner Brad Friesner posted his impressions of the event on the NASRA Facebook page:

The 1st Annual NASRA Nationals is over and it was a great success!! The race had more entries than I have seen at a US slot race in many years - it was truly incredible! Thank you to William Skinner, Joseph Salzman, Boyt Johnson, Luiz Bernardino and James Sproviero for all the work you did to make the event run smoothly. Looking forward to next years...!!

A huge thanks to the host of the race, Tracy Brown and Slot Cars R Us, the Track. WOW! The facility, hospitality, and track was truly top notch! You put on a great show and I can't wait to come back in November!

Speaking of hospitality, the dinner (that I didn't remember was happening) that Richard Curnutte and Tracy hosted on Wednesday night was simply amazing - thank so much for your generosity!
I am very pleased with the results that I achieved at this race and it would not have been possible without the help and support of the following people:

Lee Roberts of CRP for the perfect balancing!! Thanks for taking care of me dude - you are the best!
William Skinner of Stupidfast for the absolute best tires and rubber - also providing great support with anything that I need. I truly appreciate everything you do for me!
Stuart Koford for continued support and access to the best slotcar parts. As Chubby said, we wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you!
Jim Hahn for the amazing Speed Spurs! You do perfect work and they have made me faster - thanks! I will be sending more soon...
Thanks to my great friend James Stevens for the motivation and innovation! You are a crazy thinker (what box?) and our discussions (and your success) have allowed me to continue to get faster because of your ideas. Thanks for helping me in both races with braid cleaning - I can see that this will be ending soon (which is awesome) because we will be racing against each other in the near future!!
Thanks to Rob Garland and Merrell Todd for your help in both races and getting me to and from the track when Melissa was resting in preparation for shopping! Rob, thanks for "gluing" the track for me (I think that is called un-gluing the track) but you had me dialed in! I'm sorry you got taken out in the semi!
Last but not least, my amazing Wife Melissa! The many weeks leading up to the Nats, spent in the basement, winging bodies, only seeing me for 20 minutes at dinner! Coming down to visit me on occasion, just so you could confirm how much shopping money you would be getting from all my work :) . Thank you for the support, I love you, you are the best!!!

Sincerely, Brad Friesner

After the event, it was announced that Port Jefferson Raceway was chosen to host the 2019 NASRA National Championship Races. When the schedule is announced, we will publish it here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New ISRA "Production" class body from Betta & Classic

Betta & Classic have begun shipping their revised BMW M3 DTM 1/24 clear lexan body. The rear wing on this body is now extended to a full width of 83mm with a vertical end-plate and large side fins for rigidity. This body sports a low shovel nose and smooth straight flexible sides.

This bodystyle is popular for use in ISRA "Production" and "Team Enduro" racing.

Available to order in .020", .010", .007" or .005" Lexan; a lightweight unpainted saloon style racing interior is included with each body. A die-cut window mask to help with painting is available for use with this body for a small additional charge.

Betta & Classic have a limited amount of pre-painted bodies similar to the style shown below:

For consumer or dealer enquiries about this product or any in the Betta & Classic line, kindly email or check with your local raceway.

Friday, August 10, 2018

AWRA Tech Tips

Parts Update: Here's what the AWRA Racers are running as of 8/10/2018
Despite the trend towards the Riggen 5003, the Parma steel and brass chassis remain the most used chassis. Here is how they stand. 
1. Parma steel
2. Parma brass
3. Champion Thumper
4. Riggen 5003
5. LVJ Charger steel
6. LVJ Charger brass
7. K&G Brute
The R-GEO Raven and the Mid America Stomp are both recently legal and have not yet been used. 
1. JK Mini Brute
2. JK Hawk 7
3. JK Hawk 25 *
4. Parma 501 Deathstar
5. Kelly Bullet
6. ProSlot 4000
7. ProSlot 4001
8. JK Retro Hawk
9. H&R Crusher
* The JK Hawk 25 has never been used in an AWRA event, but it is a popular motor in weekly series racing. 
1. Parma Kremer Porsche
2. Caveman Late Model Wedge
3. Champion 37 Chevy Coupe
4. Parma 33 Ford Coupe
5. Caveman Thunderbird
6. Caveman Lumina
7. Parma 37 Ford Coupe
8. Caveman Kramer
9. Caveman Monte Carlo
The most popular setup was the 9/30 pinion crown combo, but that has been overtaken by the 9/28 combination. Gearing runs the gamut, but the best starting spot for most any track is the 9/28 with a steel pinion and a quality crown.

Friday, July 27, 2018

2018 Dave Fiedler RETRO RACE of CHAMPIONS "The Race For The Ring"

The 2018 RETRO Race of Champions returns to Mid America Raceway in Naperville, IL on July 27 & 28, 2018
This year's event will Honor the late Dave Fiedler, former 2013 ROC and Retro racing Champion.
Two races will be held on Friday night on Dave's LTD track that was formally in his old raceway and has recently been rescued and refurbed in time for this event.
Mid America is in full operation with a huge stock of parts and Five tracks. Situated in a strip mall setting, there is plenty of food options within walking distance as well as a movie theater and other shops. Plenty of free parking.

The "Race for the Ring" will be contested in the RETRO Can Am and F1 classes on Mid America's Gerding King track ( .015" recess ).

This year there will be TWO Rings awarded. One to the All Stars Overall Champion and the 2nd to the Invitational Overall Champion.
The Schedule

Friday July 27

Track Opens at 11 AM Pit Pass Fee 10.00
Tech for Can Am on "Dave's LTD" opens at 6 PM Qualifying and Racing to Follow
Tech for Open In Line Can Am on "Dave's LTD" opens one half hour following the conclusion of the Can Am race

Saturday July 16
Track Opens at 8 AM
Tech for Can Am opens at 9:30 AM Qualifying and Racing to follow on the Mid America Gerding King
Tech for F1 will open one hour after Can Am races finish. Qualifying and Racing to follow on the Mid America Gerding King.
Tech for Open Retro Anglewinder will open one hour after F1 races finish. Racing to follow on Mid America Gerding King.
Awards Presentation
Entry Fees
Can Am on Dave's LTD 10.00
Open Can Am on Dave's LTD 10.00
Can Am on King 20.00
F1 on King 20.00
Open Anglewinder on King 10.00
Lunch will be provided on Saturday and is included in the entry fees.
Can Am and F1 will used Full RETRO rules and the only motor allowed in Can Am and F1 races is the Pro Slot 4002 FK or Pro Slot 4007 Scorpion motor with 8 t spec pinion. All other RETRO rules apply.
In General, if your Can Am and F1 cars are legal at USSCA, IRRL, ORS, P-O, Retropoolza, R-4, Sano, etc events/races, they will be legal at the ROC race as long as they have the correct motor, pinion and tires following RETRO rules.
Motor Rules for Open Can Am Inline and Retro Anglewinder:
Up to Group 12 C Can motor. No Cobalt set-ups or magnets allowed. No untagged open arms allowed. May use FK or FK mini motors. Phoenix FK motor allowed.
Open Can Am Inline and Retro Anglewinder Rules. Chassis must meet RETRO rules both classes. Open gearing. Any rear tire diameter allowed, chassis and gear must clear track by .040". No weight limit. Minimum front tire dia both classes .600". Any pitch gears allowed both classes. Can Am Inline must use Can Am bodies 1969 or earlier. Retro Anglewinder may use Retro Anglewinder style bodies. See body rules and allowed body lists for both classes.
All races will used the "one and done" format. Overall lap totals will determine the Overall Finish.
Race for the Ring.... the ring will be awarded to the driver with the best overall finish on the two King track races....Can Am and F1.
If two or more drivers are to tie in the overall finish..... the first tie breaker will be overall laps in the two classes per driver.
If two drivers are tied after this...... the tie breaker will be fastest race laps.
If there is still a tie......the tie breaker will be qualifying position.
If there is still a tie.... the tie breaker will be high heat in each race.
For more hotel/raceway questions info contact Roger at 630-484-8574

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New Products From Mossetti Racing

These chassis should be available from distributors in mid to late August 2018. These will be submitted to the USRA for approval. No prices or other information available at this time.

Mossetti Racing on Facebook

4.5" Steel Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Steel Pan 3-Piece (trio)
4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
4.5" Aluminum Pan 3-Piece (trio)

4.5" Aluminum Pan 2-Piece
Anodized blue and Nickel Plated
GT-12 Chassis Kit

Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Phoenix - New FK Motor from Mid-America

"The Phoenix" is a new FK-sized motor for retro, flexi and other slot car racing applications.

Before being offered for sale- it was torture tested running 4000+ laps wide open in a wing car on a 155' King Track. That's over 117 actual miles.

Available Now - Exclusively From:

Mid-America Raceway And Hobbies
1223 East Ogden Ave 
Suite 139
Naperville, Illinois 
(630) 484-8574

Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Products from B&E Slotsport

B&E slotsport announces the "Berdugo" chassis kit part #BE004, It is .042" plated spring steel (bottom). Can be built 4.25 to 4.75 wheelbase. Designed with the chassis tuner in mind. Race proven design as used in the 2018 Mid-American Summer IROC series.


The new B&E "Silverback" chassis (top) can be built 4-3/8" to 4-5/8" wheelbase. Super brass .040 material with a Silver finish.

Both chassis shown are designed to work with .950"+ tire sizes, but can be built as desired.

Shop B&E Slotsport products from these commercial slot car raceways:

Bullet Raceway and Hobbies  
314 S. Main St. 
Woodruff, South Carolina

Mid-America Raceway Naperville 
1223 East Ogden Ave 
Suite 139
Naperville, IL 60563

Bent Wrench Raceway 
7104 Forest Hills Rd, 
Loves Park, IL 61111

More information at

Monday, May 07, 2018

2018 Sunset 240 Enduro

2018 Sunset 240 Enduro Results

Chicagoland Raceway
Westmont, IL
"Fiedler" flat track
May 5, 2018

1st Place Team - Richard Distefano / John Miller  2145 Laps, Best Lap Time 4.718" (Blue)

2nd Place Team - Dale Lipe / Jim Crider 2128, 4.760

3rd Place Team - Chuck Gambo / Kevin Wisnewski 2049, 4.670

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

USSCA 2017-2018 Season Race #4 - ProSlot Raceway

Race #4
ProSlot Raceway
Hartford, MI

Series director Bill Sebenik says that this was the best attended event of the current season based on total entries!

Indy Podium.jpg

Indy Finishers.jpg

JK Spec Indy:
Fastest Lap of the Race: Bill Sebenik 3.971
1. Bill Sebenik 213 laps
2. Scott Morgan 209 laps
3. Dennis Clark 207 laps

NASCAR Podium.jpg

NASCAR Finishers.jpg

Fastest lap of the Race: Scott Morgan 4.181
1. Mike Meachum 210 laps
2. Bill Sebenik 209 laps
3. Scott Morgan 207 laps

Can Am Podium.jpg

Can Am Finishers.jpg

Retro Can-Am:
Fastest Lap of the Race: Bill Sebenik 3.835
1. Dennis Clark 219 laps
2. Scott Morgan 218 laps
3. Mike Meachum 215 laps

Production Podium.jpg

Production Finishers.jpg

Production Finishers_B.jpg

Fastest Lap of the Race: Dennis Clark 3.680
1. Dennis Clark 236 laps
2. Scott Morgan 226 laps
3. Bill Sebenik 221 laps

Monday, March 19, 2018

Slot Cars and the Kalamazoo Connection

3/18/2018  “Slot Cars and the Kalamazoo Connection" lecture was presented by racing photographer and historian, John Lacko. 

This is a video taken after the lecture at the BRAND NEW Scalextric Sport 1/32 Red Barns Raceway (private track) that has been installed at the Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI. There is some commentary about 1/32 scale racing and how the track operates that should be of interest to anyone.


Monday, March 05, 2018

Ralph Thorne Racing introduces "The Titan" 1/24 NASCAR Body

Press release from RTR

Ralph Thorne Racing proudly present 'The Titan' and the 'The Titan COT', our first 1/24 Stock Car bodies that we are manufacturing in-house. 
The Titan COT

They feature a mixture of design elements of modern day stock cars, from NASCAR to Super Late Models. Our designs where CAD drawn, as always, with input from top engineers and racer's around the country. It has a unique front fender flares not seen on current slot car stock car style bodies and a recessed front wheel sticker location that makes the front wheels easy to align on both sides, and they appear to be tucked under the front fenders. The body will measure just under 3.250" wide. 

The Titan

Once again we've added a nice cut line to assist in body trimming and mounting. This body truly blends a modern and realistic race car appearance with superior race winning on track performance. The rear of the body creates big time downforce, allowing you to decrease your laps times and turn more laps, plain and simple. We noticed a huge difference on the outside lanes where all the other bodies just got loose, The Titan stayed hooked up.

Once again this is an original copyrighted design from Ralph Thorne Racing with all rights reserved. We don't back pour or copy any other manufacturers designs.
They are available in .005", .007" and .010" thick Lexan. Each body comes with a unique window mask and a pair of front wheel stickers. We've made the rear window mask three pieces for a better fit and finish around the rear window ribs.
Please note that we start from .005", .007" and 010" material, so it will be thinner on the sides. As always we strive for quality pulls with even side thickness. 
Retail price for .005" and .007" is $6.95 each plus shipping.
Retail price for .010" is $7.95 each plus shipping.
Raceway pricing is available and ERI already has these in stock.

RTR's Ford, Chevy and Toyota decal kits are a very nice upgrade at only $2.49 each.

If you purchase five or more bodies direct at full retail, a free, random decal kit will be included with your order as a thank-you!
Please note the bodies will only come in retail packaging when purchased by a raceway or if specifically requested on direct orders.