Monday, June 25, 2012

Precision Slotcar FCR Set-Up Blocks

Precision Slotcar is now offering a companion to their National Championsip Chassis Fixture (previously reviewed May 22).

The part number 1401 "FCR Set-Up Wheel Blocks" helps the builder to set the clearance to .032" as specified by the NCS.

Select the tire size, with the blocks on the axle and the bushings in place, grind or file out the axle uprights until the chassis sits flat on the PSC chassis fixture. The clearance is set .010" higher than tire size so you can practice, break in the tires and still make tech.

The design of PSC's setup blocks is different from those offered by other companies- offering 4 sizes per block. This is accomplished by the use of a precision-drilled offset axle hole in the block.

To Order, visit Precision Slotcar's online ordering system at or Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies in Downers Grove, IL who is a stocking dealer for Precision Slotcar products.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Not One, Not Two, But Three New Super Tires!!!

Super Tires is proud to announce three (3) additional Dan O'Grady "R" Series tires featuring rounded outer sidewalls which will replace 3 existing Super Tires.  The 1402R, 1403R and 1404R replace the 1402, 1403 and 1404 Super Tires respectively.  These popular tires fit many Eurosport-style 15x8, 16.5x8 and 17x8mm wheels from a variety of manufacturers.  Initially available in the silicone ("Classic") compound (part #'s 1402RC, 1403RC and 1404RC), they will also be offered in a urethane ("Yellow Dog") compound in the not-too-distant future.   Outer diameters (o.d.) on 15x8mm wheels are as follows:  1402R (.748"/19.00mm), 1403R (.777"/19.74mm) and 1404R (.805"/20.45mm).  The new tires are available immediately from your favorite Super Tires dealer (or directly from Slot Car Corner or Slot Car Corner Canada).

1402RC shown on Toyota 88C - mounted on stock 16.5x8mm wheels 

1403RC shown on Chaparral - mounted on stock 15x8mm wheels 
1404RC shown on Monogram Classic Stock Car - mounted on 15x8mm C.B. Design Classic Steel Wheels