Sunday, December 31, 2006

One nice Camaro!

Here's a Camaro slot car I had to pass along...German scratchbuilder Marco Brandt offers this car in 1:32 scale at his shop for 150 Euro...what a wonderful model! Rusty dents and all, this is about the coolest Camaro slot car I've seen.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

24hour slot race video... don't worry not all 24 hours just 8 minutes. So here's the 24 hours du Chesnay Automne 2006.

New Ninco Renault and Scalex BAR F1 Honda

Guido from Slotmagazin is the hardest workin' man around...yet more photos to show from him. A nice new Ninco Renault and a Scalextric BAR Honda.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Global Proxy Race poster

A race poster has been added to the race photo gallery on Slot Car Two versions of the poster are there. A smaller one and a larger poster.


1/43 Slot car photo contest is having a photo contest for 1/43 slot cars.

From their site:
"We start on 01/01/2007 right here a photo contest for 1/43 slot cars. It doesn´t matter if you make a picture when they are standing or when they are in action...

We will have also prizes - more later.

The rating of the pics will be done by the sponsors (depends on their engagement) or in the forums participating at this conquest.


- one pic per person
- there must be at least one 1/43 slotcar on the pic*
- it´s allowed to work on the pic, by using speciallized software
- the pic must be send with a width of exact 600 pix and in jpg
- the eMail-adress the pics must be send to is
- the pics must be send to us latest 31/01/2007 - 23.59 h MEZ
- by sending a photo you accept the entry conditions

* Slotcars in 1/43 are Carrera GO!!!, Artin, Racy, Fastlane and Jouef. If you send a full scratch, you must tell us in your email from where you did get the body and the dims of it."

Sounds like a cool contest to enter. And thanks to Zippo for sending me an email about this.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Slot It Lancia Martini-shaken or stirred?

Giacomo at & has allowed his great photos of the Martini Lancia to be reused here on Slot Car News.

Ninco News for January

Thanks to Bob Lewen for sending this news to SCNews.


GPR video-another prototype video

Another video of the final laps of the prototype heet. Terry's car, Tony's car, and Rob's car. Rob won this heet.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Prototype video

More video's when I get home...very slow connection here with wireless aircard.

GPR video-GT heet

From a GT heet.

GPR-East New York Raceday

10:25am East New York Raceway-Whiskerville, Connecticut, USA-The track is quiet. On the start line the first cars of the day are already lined up hours ahead of the 12pm EST start time.

A few crews are out inspecting the road surface. The rollers have been brought out to smooth the copper tape and a track official is keeping back the eager media who've gathered for "track prep" photos.

...more updates soon.

Global Proxy Race coverage

For today's last race at the East New York Raceway there will be updated coverage throughout the day. I'll post photos, news and lap times as I can. Look for complete coverage also on Slot Car Illustrated in the Global Proxy Race forum. And looks for more photos in the Global Proxy Race gallery.


Slotmagazin photos SCX Safety car and 550 Ferrari

Slotmagazin has again provided SCNews with great photos of new cars. Today some SCX cars, the digital safety car and new livery of Ferrari 550.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

AutoArt Bugatti Veyron

Another great series of photos from Slotmagazin of the brand new AutoArt, Guido sure has some great connections to get new cars so fast, huh?

Guido has sent photos of the real car for reference.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Victory by Design-Porsche

So it's Christmas day (for those that celebrate it) so... got an hour to kill? Why not spend it watching Victory by Design's Porsche edition!

Toy Car Chase video link

Toy Car Chase

I can't seem to post this here but the link for this above will take you to a funny video that's worth watching.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas cards

I thought I'd pass along the Christmas cards that Slot Car News has received.

Merry Christmas from Rob, Terry, and myself...