Monday, February 18, 2013

Track Braiding Made Easier...

Slot Car Corner Introduces Pre-Taped Track Braid

A Slot Car Corner exclusive - we've just made braiding a slot car track even easier!!!  We now offer 500 foot spools of our high-quality 1/4" tinned copper braid pre-taped.  Our pre-taped braid is a real timesaver - depending on your track configuration, this can save you several hours of work (the more corners in your layout, the more time pre-taped braid will save you).  We start by removing any residue leftover from the braid manufacturing process - this ensures the best possible adhesion when the tape is applied.  Next we carefully apply almost 3 rolls of the special 2-sided tape we offer to each 500' spool of braid (we include the unused portion of the third roll in the event you might need it).  Using our pre-taped braid, once you have routed and painted your gains, you are ready to start braiding!!  For more information, please visit the Slot Car Corner website.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Find the Right Super Tire....

Announcing Super Tires Selector Tool

Slot Car Corner and Slot Car Corner Canada now offer customers an exclusive online Super Tires Selector tool.  The Super Tires Selector was designed to make it easy to find the right Super Tires for a given manufacturer/model 1:32 slot car.  It can also be used to find Super Tires that fit many popular aftermarket wheels such as our own C.B. Design Wheels.  To learn more about the Super Tires Selector, please visit the Slot Car Corner or Slot Car Corner Canada website.