Sunday, June 09, 2019

Dave Geehring Memorial Races 6/8/2019

At the start of the Memorial race held June 8, 2019, in remembrance of Dave Geehring, we all had a moment of silence followed by a "21-Lap" salute by this race car on Dave's track.

The first race of the day was Pony Stock Hardbody with 34 entries.

The results were: 1st - JP Milcherska 157.09 Laps, 5.098 BLT, 2nd - Ron Hershman 172.03/5.265, 3rd - Rick Stagen 148.09/6.014.

The next race was RETRO Can-Am with 24 entries.

The results were: 1st - Ron Hershman 184.26 Laps, 4.740 BLT, 2nd - JP Milcherska 180.24/4.774, 3rd - John Miller 179.07/4.913.

The final race was 4 1/2 " Stock Car with 23 entries.

The results were: 1st - Ron Hershman 179.13 Laps, 5.098 BLT, 2nd - JP Milcherska 172.03/5.265, 3rd - Terry Watson 169.15/5.226.

It was announced that Thazer Raceway in South Bend, IN will host the 2019 Legends Memorial 3.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Mossetti Racing Submits Chassis for 2020 ISRA Production Class

The International Slot Racing Association (ISRA) requires that all Production Chassis be Die Blanked - Unlike the Laser Blanking process as all current Mossetti chassis are now produced. 

As per ISRA regulation this chassis has been submitted for ISRA and will be reviewed for 2020 approval at this year’s event in the UK