Thursday, February 23, 2017

Long Awaited Scalextric Penske Javelin Trans-Am (finally) Breaks Cover!!

After being delayed for so long that some enthusiasts felt it might have been canceled, the first decoration of the long awaited Javelin Trans-Am, the Penske / Donohue / Sunoco version, should be hitting dealers shelves in North America as you read this.

Samples of the two other Javelins to come in 2017 were shown at a European toy show in January.

All of the versions currently announced by Scalextric are:

C3731 #6   Penske Racing / Mark Donohue
C3875 #1   Roy Woods Racing / George Follmer
C3776 #63 Jockos Racing / Bill Collins

As soon as photos of the chassis and running gear are available we will publish them here. The chassis is expected to be Scalextric's latest generation DPR chassis with inline motor and gearing.