Monday, August 24, 2020

New GTP Body Now Available From Ralph Thorne Racing

Strong and ready for battle the "Viking" GTP body is based on our very successful Renegade body platform with a few small but very effective changes. Most noticeably we've narrowed the body to 83 mm wide which reduces overall drag, increases straight-line speed, and makes the body easier to mount. 

The height and side profile of the body remains the same but the front fenders have been lowered in the middle which continues to lower the drag and it also allowed us to create a second vertical service inside the body to create side force and keep the nose plated in cornering. The reshaping of the front fender has provided us a much stronger front end, and it is much more resistant to crash damage. Our body team, once again, knocked it out of the park with new and unique ideas and features not typically seen on slot car bodies which continues to keep us ahead of the curve! Made in the USA, and we ship worldwide!

Once again this is an original copyrighted design from Ralph Thorne Racing with all rights reserved. We don't back pour or copy any other manufacturers' designs.

They are available in .005", .007" and .010" thick Lexan. Each body with a proper fitting window mask, a pair of front wheel stickers. 

Please note that we start from .005", .007" and 010" material, so it will be thinner on the sides. As always we strive for quality pulls with even side thickness. 

Retail price for .005" and .007" is $6.95 each plus shipping.

Retail price for .010" is $7.95 each plus shipping.

Raceway pricing is available and ERI will have these in stock. Please allow them a few days to get them in their system.

Available here now:

Please note the bodies will only come in retail packaging when purchased by a raceway or if specifically requested on direct orders.