Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weekend Racing at Great Traditions in Philly

Some racing Saturday at Great Traditions on Saturday, May 9. After 1pm, racing starts at 7pm.

Address is 831 Byberry Road (rear building) Philadelphia. For more info call Rich at Great Traditions at 267-250-1735.

1st Race SCX Regional Rules warm up race. This is NOT a qualifying race, just a warm up testing-type race.

2nd Race Riley race-non magnet, any Slot It parts allowed for use, Orange endbell motor. inline, sidewinder allowed, but no angle winder. Must use wheels and inserts that come with the car. Weight allowed but it must be inside the car.

3rd Race-Ninco GT race, NC5 motor allowed only. Aftermarket gears, tires, wheels, weight, silicone tires used.

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Dave said...

For anyone in the area, Rich is a great guy to deal with. Just thought I'd throw that in.