Friday, October 16, 2009

SCX in Shanghai

The Spanish firm Tecnitoys/SCX® opened the first shop of its own in the world yesterday, Thursday 15th October, in the Times Square shopping centre in the city of Shanghai, China. With this the Spanish brand has finally arrived on the Chinese market, where it will be expanding gradually with shops of its own or franchises, first in Shanghai, to be followed by Beijing and Hong Kong.

The aim of all this is to situate its product at the premium end of the consumer market. With 70 square metres (over 750 square feet) of floor space, the shop will stock all the SCX® product lines, with demonstration tables inside the shop and a larger permanent track outside. With this new business model involving shops of its own, Tecnitoys/SCX® is making clear its interest in the Chinese market, which has an estimated potential of $1 million even at this early stage.

The SCX® shop is the first SCX® outlet in the world, part of a strategy of premium positioning which has already been successfully piloted in the United States, where the product is exclusive to FAO-SCHWARTZ, the world's most legendary toy shop, and to TARGET super stores.

Tecnitoys/SCX® has a range of products to suit all ages and consumer profiles, including SCX® Compact for children from age 4 upwards; SCX® Original for the over-6's; SCX® The Digital System, the digital version for the over-8's; and SCX® Pro for adults and competition.
Tecnitoys/SCX®, a Spanish firm specialising in the toy sector, operates on the international market for scale model slot racing cars, tracks and accessories, particularly in the countries where this kind of toy is most popular such as Germany, Mexico, Australia and the United States.

Shanghai Times Square is one of the newest shopping centres in this Chinese city. Housed in a vast building, it takes up seven storeys with 40,000 square metres (over 430,000 square feet) of floor space, filled with over 100 top-brand shops from all over the world, together with restaurants and leisure facilities.

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Robert Livingston said...

I'm impressed!

This should provide stability for SCX and a leg up on the competition.