Monday, January 04, 2010

AutoArt Porsche 911 RSR Flying Lizard Motor Sport Diecast

I had the good fortune to get a AutoArt 1/18th scale Flying Lizard Motor Sports Porsche 911 RSR. The Lizards are a favorite team of mine and it was a really great day to see this car show up. Now I'm really not much of a diecast person... I usually like my car models with a small electric motor and guide tucked under the nose, but this car really works for me on pretty much every level.
The profile is the first thing I always look at when I find a Porsche model. Most often there's some small contour that just doesn't work for me, something that just catches my eye and tells me that what I'm looking at is a toy and not something that captures the real Porsche-ness needed to satisfy an overly critical eye. This car has none of those lines, it's a Porsche from front to back.

The details on the car are just stunning. The printing is perfect and crisp and the red is rich and deep.
The finish on the wheels is perfect. From the Porsche logo on the center hub of the wheels to the "Brembo" logo on the brake calipers. Rivets around the edges of the models of the two-piece wheels is well done and the contours of the BBS wheels are true to the real wheels.
The contours of the body are excellent and AutoArt really nailed the feel of "volume" that the RSR has. The tires and wheels have the "bulk" that they should have in proportion to the wheel arches.
The doors open well and reveal a highly detailed interior and dash instrument panel. Air vents and interior roll bars and representations of interior wiring details.
A bit of a surprise to me was the very, very fine detail on the headlight lenses... the excellent "eyes" on this car really seal the deal.
Under the hood the details continue. The hood is a bit too heavy to stay up without a helpful finger, though it does close with an appropriate "thunk!"
I would like to have such a perfect RSR as a slot car but as the Porsche slot fans know there isn't one that quite measures up yet. Normally I look at a diecast and feel somewhat "wanting" I want it to move I want it to be able to sort of .... well... live, much like slot cars do when you're tearing ass around the track with them.
Maybe it's because this is my favorite race car, maybe it's because this car is as perfect as it is. This car just works, buy one you won't be sorry.

Listing of the car on the AutoArt website.

Dave K
Publisher, Slot Car News

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