Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Super Tires 111xR Series Now Available

Slot Car Corner is proud to announce three (3) additional "R" series 1/32 Super Tires.  The Super Tires 111xR Series is aimed at 1/32 racers who need to run high-performance low profile tires on larger wheels.  The accompanying picture shows each of the 111xR Series Super Tires mounted on our popular C.B. Design 17x11mm wheels.

Note the 1111R and 1112R supersede the 1100 and 1100B Super Tires respectively. The 1113R is a new, taller version of these tires based on customer requests. With 3 diameters to choose from, builders/racers have a wide range of setup and tuning options available. Like other "R" series Super Tires, the 111xR series feature a rounded outer sidewall which looks great on a variety of cars.

The Super Tires 111xR series are available immediately in the "Classic" (silicone) compound and will be available in the "Yellow Dog" (urethane) compound in the not-too-distant future. For more information about Super Tires or to order, please visit the Slot Car Corner website.

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