Friday, June 12, 2015

New! B&E SlotSport Crusader Chassis

Just arrived at B&E SlotSport headquarters is the "Crusader" stamped brass chassis.

Check out the pix of the chassis and a pre-production built-up hard body racer below.

$49.95 retail. .040 thick high quality brass.

Designed primarily for hard body racing with 1" diameter tires. The rear bushing and front axle holes are set at a proper height for 1" tires but can be modified for other sizes.

4-1/2" and 4-3/8" wheelbase plastic model car bodies work best with the stock axle holes.

"As Delivered" the chassis width is 3-3/16". The body mounts can be cut off and relocated inward to three other positions if desired.

Contact B&E through their facebook page or e-mail at to order or if you have questions.

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