Friday, March 03, 2017

Inside the Long Awaited Scalextric Penske Javelin Trans-Am

Here are a couple of quick shots "inside' the Scalextric Penske Javelin Trans Am along with my notes.

At first glance the Scalextric 'New Generation' Inliner DPR Chassis
seems to offer little truly new but closer inspection
reveals interesting details.
The front and rear tyres/hubs are different widths
There is a LED light board for the tail lights
Three attachment screws where we were
led to believe that all new generation chassis
would have only two attachment screws.

Here we see that the guide blade is a new deeper design

The Scalextric 'New Generation' body inside
shows the tray-style interior (note driver position)
Reinforced front spoiler supports
Separate body to chassis locator brackets

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