Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2019 Sunset 240 Enduro

The 2019 Sunset 240 Spring Enduro was held Saturday May 25th 2019 at Mid-America Raceway Naperville on the Chris Dadds' LTD formerly at DJ's Hot Slots.

There were two-driver teams running a spec version of the ISRA A-Production class race car with hand-out motors and handout tires (extras may be purchased). 

The team of Distefano / Mazur won the event with 2096.03 laps and a BLT of 4.915 on Blue
Second place was Gambo / Schatz with 2001.01 laps and a BLT of 5.055 on Blue
Rounding out the podium was the team of Gaspord / Crider turning 1957.20 laps and a BLT of 5.178 on Yellow.

Fastest lap of the event was posted by the team of Fowler / Clark at 4.367 on Orange.

Plans are being made for the next Midwest Flat Track Racing Series enduro; If you have questions or need additional information please e-mail Geary Gaspord (backtrack@aol.com).

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