Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Evolution Chassis for 1/32 Slot.it Group C Cars From MRSLOTCAR.ca

In cooperation with SCALE RACING in the US, MR SLOTCAR has designed and produced the "EVOLUTION" Metal Chassis Kit for Slot.It Group C cars.

These kits come complete with everything you need to convert from the original plastic chassis to metal - The material used for the chassis is High Strength Stainless Steel.

The Chassis kits are available in two different Versions, “A” and “B” – in order to suit the dimensional requirements of the range of Slot It Group C cars.
Kit “A” – Part Number SR1001 Lancia LC2-85, Porsche 956KH/962C/IMSA, Jaguar XJR9 and Mercedes C9.
Kit “B” – Part Number SR1002 Nissan R89C and Toyota 88C/63C.

Kit “A” has a “Regular” length Guide Holder Support, while Kit “B” has a “Long” one. These two pieces are available separately so you can easily convert an “A” Kit to a “B” Kit – and vice versa.

The chassis kit will be available from 132SLOTCAR in the US or MR SLOTCAR in Canada. Kits are US$45.00.

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