Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Announcements from Mossetti Racing


In response to issues that some racers are experiencing with the body mount uprights on aluminum pans breaking - The newly redesigned versions have much stronger support than before.

Mossetti Racing will initiate an aluminum pan exchange program via the raceways. Racers will be able to bring their pans, either broken, new, or used to their local raceway. 

The raceway will collect all the pans and return them to Mossetti Racing and we will issue replacements, postage will be compensated. 

The new pans will be shipped back to the raceway so they can return them to the racers. This program will be in effect for approximately 2 months, giving enough time for racers to get their replacement pans to the raceway - more details will be announced soon.

The New pans will come in 4 variations, the same basic design as before, but with the new Stronger Body Mount uprights.

The Part numbers and description are:

MR1125N  Pan Section - Nickel Plated - With Narrow Front

MR1125GON  Pan Section - GOLD Anodized - With Narrow Front

MR2132N  Pan Section - Nickel Plated - Super Light

With Narrow Front

MR1125GON  Pan Section - BLACK Anodized - Super Light With Narrow Front

Retail is $19.50 for each.

NOTE: All assembled chassis that feature Aluminum Pans will use the Newly Re designed versions


The "Avenger AIR" - This new chassis allows for more Vertical Pan movement than the "X" Version - This Chassis uses the same Pan as on the "X". 

This chassis best suited to older bumpier tracks or tracks with inconsistent braid heights - It's also just a bit more flexible than the "X" to allow the car to be more forgiving to drive.

Part numbers are:

MR3202  Avenger "AIR" Chassis - With Chassis Retaining Clip   

Retail  $39.50

MR3212  Avenger "AIR" Center Section

Retail  $19.50


The bushings now have a larger internal oil channel than the previous design.

Also added is another New Bushing called the "Centerline" - This is a 3/16" sized bushing that will fit directly into the Chassis.

Part Numbers are:

MR1060A  Adjustable Version

MR1061A  Centerline Version

Will be available Early October

Bushings are now available packs of 4 Pieces and will Retail for $9.50 (Lower price per pair than previous)

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