Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020 Grand Prix de Concord

The AWRA Grand Prix WOMPS are coming to Concord! 

If you have raced the Grand Prix cars in Marietta, Georgia, or in Cleveland, Tennessee, then you know that they are a blast to drive. They are quick, and they actually handle well. The flat track at The Slot Car Track in Concord, North Carolina will be a perfect venue for the Grand Prix WOMPS.

So, just what is a Grand Prix WOMP? Essentially, it is an AWRA Stock Car chassis with an open-wheel body. 

Bracing is allowed in this class, as well as all of the mods allowed in the Stock Car class. The Grand Prix bodies provide a lot of down-force, and the cars do actually handle, and they are pretty peppy, too. 

Make sure to check the AWRA rules at or at the AWRA Rules Facebook page to make sure that your body is legal. You can get bodies at The Slot Car Track. 

Also on the program for November 7th is the Concord 500 Stock Car race on the Oval and the Outlaw legends on the King Cobra. 

For information, contact the AWRA at 

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