Friday, December 18, 2020

2021 AWRA Rules Preview

2021 Rules Preview/Update - AWRA Official 

There will be a couple of rule changes for the 2021 season. These will be posted soon, but we wanted to get the word out early, particularly so that everybody can prepare Dirt Late Model WOMPS for the upcoming races. 

If you want more info, you can email AWRA at or call Steve Adkins at 839 356 0078. 

2021 motor rules - We will be watching closely for tampering with motors.

2021 Class Changes 

The Euro-Spec class and the paper Modified class will be dropped.

The Dirt Late Model class will be added, General rules for DLM: Any currently legal Stock Car chassis. Bracing is allowed. Motor - JK Hawk 25 (JK303025) motor only. Any gearing. ProTrack Daytona Stocker lettered tires front and rear. Caveman Bodeez Dirt Late Model body only. Same clearance. These are basically the same rules that have been run successfully in Tennessee and North Carolina.

That just about covers it We will be making updates on the rules page, the web page, and other pages soon. Until then, contact us for info.

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