Monday, June 09, 2008

New Super Wheel SS

Super Wheels SS were designed based on requirements and feedback from 1/32 racers who actively participate in organized club and proxy race events. Super Wheels SS were then subjected to an extensive battery of tests to validate and refine the design. The result is a high-performance 1/32 aluminum wheel which offers the following features and benefits:

True hubless design provides exceptional flexibility when adjusting the rear track width. This is particularly important when rules specify the wheel/tire must be completely inside the fender and/or a maximum track width.

Affordable alternative to other manufacturer’s hubless wheels which cost up to twice as much as Super Wheels SS.

Precision machined using state-of-the-art CNC machine tools which ensure Super Wheels SS are perfectly round and the axle bore is concentric with both the outer wheel surface and longitudinal axis of the axle.

Perfect concentricity between the axle bore and longitudinal axis of the axle is achieved by designing the Super Wheel SS for a specific axle ( SIPA01). Tolerances between the axle bore and axle are extremely tight which ensures concentricity is maintained when the set screw is tightened. The result – no wheel wobble or vibration which can adversely affect a car’s handling.

Designed specifically for Super Tires ® and Yellow Dog Super Tires ®. Super Wheels SS were designed to compliment Super Tires and Yellow Dog Super Tires. Super Wheels SS have undergone extensive design and testing to ensure Super Tires contact patches are perfectly flat ensuring the best possible grip.

Attractive five hole design complements a wide variety of 1/32 slot cars makes and models.

Easy to locate set screw using small dimple machined on inside of wheel. This is especially helpful if the tire is glued to the wheel and you can’t easily peel the tire back to locate the set screw.

Flexible design accepts 20x12mm tires (all compounds) and 17mm wheel inserts if desired.

Super Wheels SS weigh 2.9 grams per wheel.

Note: Tires, axles and car shown for illustration purposes only - these items must be purchased separately.

Super Wheels SS are in stock and available for immediate purchase - please visit the Slot Car Corner online store for more details.

Super Wheels SS retail for $9.99 USD (1 pair); however, special introductory pricing is in effect until July 3, 2008 ($8.99 USD per pair).

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Nice looking wheels!