Monday, February 02, 2009

MJK tires

MJK tires were something of a surprise to me I think. A few years ago I was hooked on Ortmann's, recently it's been SuperTires that have been working for me, especially at my slot club. But a while back I had the good fortune to get some MJK tires sent from some slotbrothers down in Australia. On the clean track at my club SuperTires are still the tire to beat (on the club Carrera track), but recently I went to visit a friend's track and do some racing. The favored tires at that track are...a blast from the past... Ortmann's! Well I had no Ortmann's that I wanted to race on the cars I had with me. But I had some MJK's for my Renault Alpine A110.

Well those tires were just the ticket for the Alpine! Now I'm not going to tell you that I won the race, anyone that knows me knows that I'm ... well... not the fastest racer on the track. But I sure had a blast racing that car and those tires really made the day for me.

The tires have a mix of a good feel that many Ortmann's lack and all the grip that Ortmann's have. I trued up the tires a bit, the tires got more grippy as the race went on and by the end of the day's racing they were really sticking nicely and sure lacked the chatter that Ortmann's are famous for.

The tires are great and if you get the chance to check them out they're absolutely worth going the extra mile to get.

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Dave said...

Dave, you and I must have gone to the same driving school! I'm happy if I'm in the middle of the pack. I introduced my cousin to the hobby and now he beats me all the time (ingrate!) :D