Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sideways Daytona Prototype-review

Publishers note: This review was done by Dave Kennedy, an employee of SCX North America and Tommy Pintchuck who is a slot racer from Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

Detail, speed, versatility, the Sideways Daytona Prototype's have it all.

If you're a fan of the Rolex Series and Grand American Series racing these highly detailed Daytona Prototypes will be the slot car for you. The models offer the solid performance offered by Slot It's running gear. These are the first injection molded cars made by the collaboration between Slot It and Racer and they have picked an interesting, American-specific car to reproduce. When you think about it, it's sort of surprising that this is the series they have chosen to make, but it is very welcome and is currently a hot ticket in the slotting world.

The cars come with the Orange Endbell Slot It 21.5k motor mounted inline with offset gearing. The recognizable Slot It style chassis design is as adjustable and as easy to tune as you could hope for in a chassis for a slot car. Simple to tune, easy to understand, tested by racing... a proven winner.

The front axle is adjustable with both up and down fine adjustment coming from small grub screws in towers above and positions below the front axle.

As I've said the detail is superb, as you might expect from a collaboration between Slot It and Racer. The first two decorations of the Riley DP are the first of many planned and since there are several years of this body style that could be done with no changes to the mold this is a car that we can assume slotters will have to look forward to for many years to come. Since the body's of the DP's are so close to a standard body, slot racers will be able to look forward to a VERY matched field of DP's. Printing on both the cars is very good and the colors are solid and bright. Even upon very close examination the fine printing on the logo's holds up to scrutiny.

It's worth noting the detailing on the model of the engine on this car. With a large rear window to highlight the fine detail on the model, this feature really grabs your attention when you first look at the car.

The running gear on these cars provides the slot car racer nearly endless combinations of possible configurations. The chassis, comes with an offset, inline (end bell driven) motor and there are the cut outs for a Slot It angle winder pod.
By DaveK

The new Racer Daytona prototype is a truly outstanding car. This car is made between Racer and Slot It and there was no short cuts that where taken with this car. They are redesigned a new chassis that is adjustable in the front end with grub screws and it seems to allow for a digital chip with a removable cross bracing in the chassis.

The drive train of this car is the tried and true Slot It orange end bell and hypoid gearing. The performance of the prototype is what you would expect from a slot it car, which means you expect the car to run and handle and you get both of these with this car. Also the chassis will let you run many different configurations from sidewinders to anglewinders, from orange end bells to boxer motors. The stock configuration gives the car plenty of speed right out of the box and the handling aspects of the car are very good.

The car seems to stick to the track very well with very little work. We played with one on our club track the only things that we did was remove the magnets and added S2’s and the car was running 6.5 second laps. The car had plenty of straightaway speed and did well accelerating out of the corners. We did a little tuning to the car with a minor gear change and dropped the times down to the 6.2 second range. In my opinion I feel that this car is well worth the money and is a great edition to add to any racing collection of cars. I think Racer and Slot It did an excellent job producing this car and can’t wait till next ones are available.
By Tommy Pintchuck


Joe said...

What scale is this car? Where can it be purchased?

DaveKennedy said...

These cars are 1/32 scale and can be purchased from these dealers:

There are more dealers but these have them in stock now for sure.