Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Open Road proxy race starting soon!

The Last Open Road Proxy (TLOR) is a 1/32 proxy race series based on the sports car racing novels by Burt Levy. You are invited to enter! Cars will be built to rules governing motor choice, tire size, track width, etc, which are intended to ensure a historically plausible field of Sports and GT cars c.1952-55, as were raced in the USA.

TLOR successfully concluded its first season, replicating the informal atmosphere of sports car racing as it existed during the early, amateur years. The second season will be starting soon, and new entrants are encouraged. Cars are to be submitted by April 15th, 2012 (or maybe later). If 1950's SCCA racing appeals to you, and you enjoy building slot cars with narrow tires and medium to low power motors, this race series is for you. Cars based on Ninco Classics are welcome, as are completely scratch built masterpieces. This is a proxy race where cars are mailed in to the start point, then will be shipped around the USA and possibly Canada, to a variety of home/club road tracks. Two classes are run, one with 14k motors, and the other with 18k-20k motors. Racing has been extremely close, with a friendly atmosphere. You are invited!

Burt Levy's Last Open Road books are described here:

TLOR rules, discussion, and registration is described here:

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