Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Super Tires Available - 2112R

Super Tires is proud to announce a new Super Tires for our C.B. Design 15x11mm wheels. The new Super Tire, model 2112R, is produced from a completely new mold which features a rounded outer sidewall and will be available in two (2) compounds - silicone (part # 2112R-C which is currently available) and urethane ("Yellow Dog" part # 2112R-Y which will be available in the near future). The 2112R is actually a lower profile version of the existing 1007/08/09 Super Tires which were originally designed for FLY Classic wheels. Dimensions for the 2112R are as follows - .430" wide (10.92mm - excluding rounded sidewall) and .780" (19.81mm) o.d.. To order, please visit the Slot Car Corner or Slot Car Corner Canada website (or contact your favorite Super Tires dealer).

Note: The Super Tires 2112R mounted on a C.B. Design 15x11mm wheel will be especially appealing to builders/racers looking to replace a 15x8mm wheel/tire with a wider alternative. The picture above is a good example - it features Porsche 956C shown with Super Tires 2112R-C mounted on C.B. Design 15x11mm Insert Wheels with the stock wheel insert.

Look for more Super Tires announcements soon!

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